17 February 2012

The Globalism Research Centre 2012 Tom Nairn Lecture

with Professor David Held

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Cosmopolitanism in the Multipolar World




5.45pm for a 6:00pm start


Storey Hall Auditorium
Level 5, RMIT Building 16
342 – 348 Swanston Street, Melbourne


David Held is Master of University College, Durham, and Professor of politics and international relations at Durham University. He is a British social and political theorist, and a prominent figure within the field of international relations. He has been a key figure in the development of theories of cosmopolitanism, and of cosmopolitan democracy in particular, and is a leading scholar on issues of globalisation and global governance. Two decades ago David co-founded Polity, which is now a major presence in social science and humanities publishing.


Thinking about the future of humankind on the basis of the early years of the twenty first century does not give grounds for optimism. From 9/11 to the present day, terrorism, conflict, territorial struggle and the clash of identities define the moment. While this talk acknowledges these challenges, it will argue that the 20th century established a series of cosmopolitan steps which develop respect for others and forms of action beyond nation-states, to a more rule-based international order.


Free event. All welcome.

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Presented by Globalism Research Centre with support from RMIT Foundation and Global Cities Institute.


Professor David Held, Durham University