Ernest William Capp Scholarship –



This procedures provides guidelines for the administration of the Scholarship and the process by which recipients are selected and funds are allocated.


This procedure will apply to students who are enrolled in an undergraduate course of study in either the Higher Education or the TAFE Sector of RMIT and who apply for the Scholarship.


Administration of scholarship

The Ernest William Capp Scholarship is administered by the E.W. Capp Scholarship Committee of Management which consists of the Academic Registrar or nominee, the Financial Aid Officers from each campus, the TAFE Welfare Officer and the Awards Officer who acts as Secretary. The Committee meets annually to evaluate the applications and decide on the allocation of funds.

Basis on which applications are assessed

Applications will be assessed on the degree of financial hardship and social and economic disadvantage experienced by each candidate.

Applying for the scholarship

A supply of application forms will be sent by the Awards Unit to the Financial Aid Officers, Student Services, at each Campus and the TAFE Welfare Officer. Students are required to seek an interview with a Financial Aid Officer and submit their applications at the same time. Applications close on 30 April and must be received by the Financial Aid Officer/s or the TAFE Welfare Officer by this date to be eligible for consideration. The applications are then forwarded to the Awards Officer.

Value and form of the scholarship

The value of the Scholarship will be the amount of interest generated in the previous year by the investment of the corpus. The Scholarship amount will be distributed amongst the successful applicants in accordance with the decisions of the Committee of Management. Details of the Investment and interest are obtainable from Perpetual Trustees who are responsible for the management of the Ernest William Capp Trust Fund.

Scholarship payments

When the Committee of Management has evaluated the applications and allocated funds to the successful applicants, the Awards Officer will order cheques from the Management Accounting Department for forwarding to recipients.

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