Glossary of terms

HE: Higher Education, see also Higher Education

Head of School: The head of a major academic unit within an academic portfolio.

HECS / Fee HELP: Higher Education Contribution Scheme, see also Higher Education Contribution Scheme

HERDSA: Higher Education Research and Development Society

HEW: Higher Education Worker, see also Higher Education Worker

Higher degree by research: A postgraduate program in which at least two-thirds of the student load is required to be research work and not more than one-third as coursework

Higher Education: Post-secondary education offered by a university or other recognised higher education institution, or through Open University Australia, leading to the award of a degree, an associate degree, or a post-graduate qualification.

Higher Education Contribution Scheme: Commonwealth Government scheme whereby students pay part of the cost of their university education and part is paid by the Government. They can pay their contribution up-front (attracting a discount) or defer payment until their income reaches a threshold amount.

Higher Education Worker: A classification standard for general staff.

HoS: Head of School, see also Head of School

Hub: The central service, advice and information point for students. In the City, the Hub is located in building 12 on level 4. The Hub at Bundoora is in building 202, level 2, room 36 and at Brunswick it is in building 514, level 2, room 8.

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