RMIT Foundation

The RMIT Foundation is custodian and steward of funds that are donated, endowed or bequested to the University.

The Foundation reports to the RMIT Council and is audited annually by the Auditor-General of Victoria.

The Foundation funds a wide range of scholarships and programs that support students to fund or enhance their studies. There are over 80 separate endowments established by generous donors, from merit-based prizes, research support for doctoral students, to mobility scholarships that enable students to study part of their program overseas.

The Trustees of the RMIT Foundation utilize the services of a number of professional advisors and fund managers to ensure the best possible investment return on the funds held, within an agreed risk management framework. There are currently 9 members of the board of trustees of the RMIT Foundation:

2013 Board of Trustees

» Mr Trevor Tappenden (Chair)

» Mr Jonathan Hamer

» Dr Peter Jonson

» Ms Janet Latchford

» Ms Rosemary Lever

» Ms Virginia Rogers

» Mr Steve Somogyi

» Dr Ziggy Switkowski

» Dr Walter WJ Uhlenbruch AO

History of the Foundation

The RMIT Foundation began in 1992, when the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology merged with the Phillip Institute of Technology, forming RMIT University. Four Trustees of the Phillip Institute were joined by four RMIT Trustees and a new trust deed (PDF 540 KB 11p) was drawn up. The fund was small, standing at a little more than $180,000 in December 1994. Today the RMIT Foundation has stewardship of over $22 million in assets.

RMIT Foundation fellowships and programs

RMIT Foundation has a number of fellowships and programs, including:

The International Research Exchange Fellowships was established to provide support to international researchers to visit RMIT to undertake research in collaboration with RMIT ($30,000 has been allocated in 2011 for this fellowship).

The International Visiting Fellowships - established to attract international experts to visit RMIT and present lectures, seminars and share knowledge ($50,000 has been allocated in 2011 for this fellowship).

For more information, see Internal fellowships and opportunities.

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