Staff giving

RMIT staff contribute to the life and culture of the university every day through their dedication, hard work and commitment to tertiary education.

Now staff can also contribute to RMIT's vision to build education and training opportunities for disadvantaged groups, by donating to scholarships. RMIT is matching all donations to scholarships to up $10 million to the end of 2015. 100% of your donation goes directly to students in need – there are no administrative fees – and donations over $2 are tax deductible.

How staff can give

Many RMIT staff donate to scholarships online or via payroll deductions (PDF 26 KB).

By setting up payroll deductions, staff receive a tax deduction each pay cycle rather than at the end of each financial year. At the end of each year, RMIT will provide you with receipt of your donations.

To register for payroll deductions, simply complete a staff payroll giving form (PDF 26 KB) and submit it to Advancement at Building 21, Level 2, Room 1, City Campus.

Find out why RMIT staff have chosen to give

Justine Engdahl, RMIT staff member:

"I remember the first time I read online about the Annual Appeal, I was so impressed by the aspirations and life-aims of the students I read about. Funnily enough, not having children of my own, it was also some sense of maternal feeling that inspired me to contribute to the wellbeing of these striving students."

"Reading about how prior donations had facilitated such positive results was very heartening as well, but the clincher (that had me pulling my credit card out from my wallet) was reading that every cent of my donation would go directly to the students and student programs - great work!"

Dr Gavin Moodie, RMIT staff member:

"Donations appear to have considerable impact because they augment the substantial amount of time that students invest in each project."

"Those with above average incomes in a country as wealthy as Australia have an obligation to contribute substantially to the welfare of those less fortunate. Most of us in the education sector are paid very well compared to average incomes in Australia, and receive far higher incomes than people in other countries."

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