Integrated Optics

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering has a long history of research in integrated optics. Our research in integrated optics covers a broad range of areas from design, simulation to device fabrication, characterisation and packaging.

The Integrated Optics research theme within the Microplatforms research group mission is to explore the implementation of novel photonic concepts into integrated platforms, to provide innovative practical integrated optic platforms that support fundamental research within our group and our collaborators, and to combine research excellence with industry engagement.

The research projects and activities carried out within the integrated optics research group are supported and funded by national competitive grants, such as ARC Discovery and Linkage Grants, DIISR International Science Linkage, and by our industrial partners. The integrated optics research group has research collaborations with many national and international organizations.

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Key contacts

Dr Thach Nguyen
ARC Australian Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Telephone +61 3 992 52896

Professor Arnan Mitchell
Microplatforms Research Group Leader

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