Postgraduate Studies

Amanda Yuan

Amanda Yuan, Master of Business Information Technology

RMIT’s flexible, industry relevant business programs offer you the chance to develop your entrepreneurial skills, study overseas and be part of a community that supports innovative thinkers.

Course content is constantly redefined to meet the emerging demands of business and the broader community, preparing you for a national and global career.

Juris Doctor

The RMIT Juris Doctor is a postgraduate law program leading to entry to the law profession.

While some students will be planning to seek admission as a lawyer at the completion of the program, others will be well established in their careers and will be undertaking the Juris Doctor in order to enhance their current career options.

This program is also available online via OUA

MBA and MBA (Executive)

RMIT’s Graduate School of Business and Law (GSBL) is one of the longest standing providers of MBA education in Australia. Graduates are leaders in large corporations, entrepreneurial enterprises, government and the not-for-profit sector.

The School offers two MBA programs: the MBA, designed for recent graduates with limited work experience (typically less than 4 years); and the MBA (Executive), designed for emerging managers who have reached a point where additional skills in management will take them to the next level.

Basically, you will fit either one or other of the programs depending on your age and work experience.


This Master of Business Administration (MBA) will accelerate your management career and teach you how to solve real problems in a global business environment. It is suited to recent graduates with a degree in any discipline but with typically less than 4 years' work experience.

The Business Mentoring Program offers you seminars with guest speakers, group work and case studies, individual mentoring and coaching and career preparation.

This program is also available online via OUA.

MBA (Executive)

This executive-level program offers working professionals a highly flexible learning experience that fosters leadership, strategic thinking and corporate responsibility.

You will have access to study options in Vietnam, international study tours, online study through Open Universities Australia and intensive course delivery.

The MBA (Executive) builds on your professional experience through collaborative-style learning and business problem-solving to facilitate your career progression.

Master of Business Information Technology

The Master of Business Information Technology is a cutting-edge postgraduate program addressing information and communications technology applications in business organisations. Supported by leading-edge research addressing emerging IT issues, the Master of Business Information Technology offers a broad range of electives to suit individual career aspirations. Graduates from this program are qualified to undertake challenging positions in business and government organisations, and to act as catalysts of change in IT-focused, networked and digitised organisations.

Master of Commerce

The Master of Commerce enhances your knowledge and skills relating to contemporary business issues. You are able to design your own program of study tailored to your own career aspirations. You can select an appropriate set of postgraduate courses primarily from those offered by RMIT Business but it is possible to choose up to three postgraduate courses from any discipline of RMIT University. Specialist elective sequences may be tailored from courses offered in Accounting, Business Information Technology, Economics and Finance,Information Management, Management, Marketing and Supply Chain and Logistics Management.

Master of Finance

The Master of Finance provides you with the practical and theoretical knowledge and skills to enable you to become literate and analytical practitioners and researchers in finance. The program provides you with the foundations you need through core subjects while a wide choice of electives enables you to tailor the course to your interests.

There is a strong emphasis in this postgraduate program on the use of econometrics to analyse financial markets and you will have an opportunity to undertake research. Access to comprehensive financial databases will be provided and you will be able to use sophisticated software for option simulations, treasury dealing, financial engineering and risk management.

This program is also available online via OUA.

Master of Information Management

The Master of Information Management provides a mixture of practical and management skills to equip you as an information professional able to meet contemporary technological, marketing and accountability challenges in the knowledge economy.

You will learn to use appropriate technology in the development of information services, as well as how to assess options and manage the impact of new information based products and services while considering the social and ethical issues related to information provision.

Prospective students enrol in the Masters program but may exit at the Graduate Diploma stage if desired.

This program is also available online.

Master of International Business

The Master of International Business is designed to provide you with the skills to investigate complex problems and address the important challenges of sustainable international business.

Graduates will emerge with knowledge of contemporary business practices, making them a valuable asset to multinational corporations, joint ventures, institutions and organisations for whom catering to a global clientele is core business.

This program is also available online via OUA

Master of Marketing

The Master of Marketing program provides an in-depth appreciation of the role of marketing in the overall success of an organisation. It develops your ability to apply your expertise and knowledge to planning, directing, implementing, monitoring and controlling an organisation’s marketing effort.

You will increase your knowledge of the marketing concepts, techniques and issues relevant to managers and also have the opportunity to conduct several practice-based marketing research projects.

Master of Professional Accounting

The Master of Professional Accounting provides you with both practical and theoretical knowledge, skills and expertise to enable you to become a literate and analytical practitioner in accounting.

This program is designed for graduates of non-accounting disciplines, who wish to broaden their career prospects.

The MPA is specifically designed to comply with the accreditation requirements of the professional accounting bodies in Australia. Successful completion of specific courses within the MPA entitles you to apply for associate membership of CPA Australia, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and the Institute of Public Accountants. You must then undertake the chosen professional body’s qualification program and gain three years’ relevant practical experience to gain full membership.

This program is also available online via OUA

Master of Strategic Procurement

The Master of Strategic Procurement is the only dedicated procurement program available in Victoria. This program is designed to address the shortage of qualified professionals in this specialised area of supply chain management by developing your capabilities to deliver efficient, effective and ethical strategies over the procurement life cycle to achieve value for money in your organisation.

Upon successful completion of the Master of Strategic Procurement, graduates will be recognised by the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council Inc (APCC).

Master of Supply Chain and Logistics Management

The Master of Supply Chain and Logistics Management provides you with a practical and theoretical approach to understanding the forces underlying the functions and operations of the supply chain.

The program places strong emphasis on addressing the strategic factors of servicing customers through the activities of dynamically complex supply chains. In addition, you will consider the relationship of specific logistics operations to the supply chain, the measurement of logistics performance, and the management of operations in a distribution environment.