Integration Aide short course

Designed for those already employed or seeking work in schools as Integration Aides, or for parents or carers of children with special needs.

On completion of this course, an Integration Aide Short Course Certificate will be awarded.

Please note: Full payment of balance of fees must be made for Certificate to be awarded.

RMIT also offers a Certificate IV in Education Support and a Diploma of Education Support (Teacher Aide/Teacher Assistant qualification).

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Course information

A shorter course to working in schools.

This is a non-award course of RMIT University. The enrolment of children with disabilities in local rather than specialist schools continues to increase. Integration Aides and Teacher Aides play an important role in supporting teachers and schools to implement inclusive approaches to education.

This course is offered for those who wish to increase their understanding of, and involvement with, children with disabilities. Participants in the course will come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. They may already be working as Integration or Teacher Aides in a range of settings. Others may be parents or care givers of children with disabilities or those who want to gain employment as Aides.

Graduates from the course have been highly successful in securing positions as Aides in a range of school settings. The presenter often works with graduates as they apply for jobs.

The course consists of 7 seven hour Saturday sessions. All sessions involve active and cooperative learning conducted in supportive learning environment based on adult learning principles.

Delivered by an experienced school educator this interactive program is tightly focused on the real work of teachers and integration aides working together to effectively include students with disabilities in local school classrooms.

You will gain knowledge about working with particular disability conditions and a sound understanding of your role in supporting teachers to help students access the curriculum.


  • To further develop understanding about children with disabilities and the range of their needs in school and community settings.
  • To enhance skills in assisting teachers to implement inclusive education practices.
  • To enhance knowledge and skills in the employment roles of Integration and Teacher Aide positions.
  • To increase understanding of the current statewide curriculum and education sector initiatives.


Topics covered in the course include:

  • Attitudes towards disability
  • Specific kinds of disability
  • Impact of disabilities upon learning and social development
  • Childhood development and learning styles
  • Current initiatives in the statewide curriculum
  • Inclusive learning and teaching strategies
  • ICT in the schooling context
  • Behaviour management strategies
  • Working in professional teams
  • Applying for Aide positions


  • No prerequisites are required for this course.
  • Participants must attend all sessions unless exceptional circumstances are demonstrated.
  • Practical assessment tasks are set with optional format presentation.


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