Freedom of Information

What is freedom of information?

The Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic) gives you the right to request information held by the University.

As such, you are able to:

  • access documents about your personal affairs and the University’s activities; and
  • request that incorrect or misleading information held by the University about you be amended or removed.

What information is available?

The University must release the relevant (non-exempt) documents which are in its possession and which are covered by the Freedom of Information Act. These include:

  • Documents created by the University.
  • Documents supplied to the University by an external organisation or individual.

Not only documents in paper form are accessible. The word 'documents' covers a broad range of media including: maps, films, microfiche, photographs, computer printouts, emails, computer discs, data stored on a computer and videotapes.

You may ask for a copy of the document or you may request access to the document, for example, to see a film or to get a transcript of a tape recording. Making a request.

What information is not available?

Not all information is automatically available. The Freedom of Information Act allows the University to refuse access to certain documents or information. These documents or information are often called 'exempt' documents.

In some cases you may be refused access to an entire document. Alternatively, you may be given access to a document with exempt information deleted. Documents exempt from release

What are the duties of the University in regard to FOI applications?

The Act aims to provide the community with the maximum amount of information at minimum expense. How FOI applications are handled by the University

The basic obligations of the University include:

(a) to assist the applicant to make a request which conforms to the Act,

(b) to locate the documents requested by a ‘thorough and diligent search’,

(c) to give access to documents other than exempt documents,

(d) to notify the applicant of the decision regarding his request as soon as possible and in any case no later than 45 days after the request is received by the FOI officer,

(e) to inform an applicant who has been refused documents of the FOI Commissioner review process; and

(f) to inform the applicant of the right to appeal to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal (“VCAT”).

Further Information

For further general information on FOI, see: