Graphic Design

C5316 – Diploma of Graphic Design
C6127 – Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design

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  • Work by student Runa Kamijo

  • Student work

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  • Work by student Runa Kamijo

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Imagine working as a graphic designer creating magazine and advertising layouts, display, packaging or fashion graphics?

Develop your skills and knowledge for a creative career in the graphic design industry. You will graduate as a highly-trained graphic designer eligible to start your own business or work in a range of positions for companies in Australia and overseas.

The focus of this program is to provide you with a strong technical expertise in finished art, expanding your understanding of design concept development and the design process.

Become an expert user of industry standard software—InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

This intensive program produces industry-ready graduates within two years. It is a benefit for you to have basic computer skills (Mac), drawing skills, time management and organisational skills.

You must successfully complete the diploma before progressing to the advanced diploma.

Program information

Program guide – provides full details including, program structures, entrance requirements and application information.

Student work

Students work on core curriculum and industry based projects throughout the year. Students learn in an environment that reflects the operations of a design studio.

The Young ones magazine cover- person underwater with hair covering face with pastel green font spelling out “TYO” on a diagonal.

Buy The Young Ones in Happy Valley, Metropolis Books or online.

The Young Ones (TYO) magazine launch

Final year of the Advanced Diploma Of Graphic Design students Petrea Dickinson and Katarina Matic have launched a Melbourne-based creative magazine titled The Young Ones (TYO).

Designed, edited, produced and curated by Petrea and Katarina, the publication focuses on profiling those who provide uplifting examples of creatives working and surviving in the design industry today.

Read the full story



The 2013 Diploma of Graphic Design graduate exhibition is the culmination of two years full time study showcasing the students graphic design work to industry, potential employers, family and friends.

You can view more incredible work from these emerging graphic designers at


DesignKids project

Four Diploma of Graphic Design students Chelsea Vandenberg, Aaron Blakemore, Eliza Svikulis and Nathan Ashworth were selected to be a part of this DesignKids typographic collaboration that has gone nationally.

The students teamed up with a design studio to produce Typography work that will be placed into a calendar!


Absorb and reflect

Absorb+Reflect, 2011 graduate exhibition showcases the Diploma of Graphic Design's graduating students’ portfolios to industry. Students worked on a number of projects with industry in 2011 including Fuji Xerox, Smiggle and Oce'.

Student profiles

Tommy Payne

Tommy Payne

Diploma of Graphic Design

“I think it’s pretty cool that a piece of design can change the way someone thinks. If you like turning things on their head and exploring multiple view points across any discipline of design then graphic design is a fantastic foundation to have.

I have done work experience at four places in the last year. An advertising firm, a branding and identity studio, a reprographics and prepress firm and a packaging design studio. They were all extremely interesting and I was able to learn a huge amount from them. It gave me key insight into the various fields within graphic design and helped me to realise which part I want to work in.”

View Tommy's work on Scribd

Download Smiggle work (PDF 982 KB)


The Diploma of Graphic Design is delivered on the RMIT University Brunswick Campus, an inner city suburb of Melbourne accessible by train and tram. Within the program, students are equipped with three Mac laboratories for class time and out of hours access. There are also industry standard output facilities and finishing facilities available for use throughout the program’s duration.


Annette Cook – Multidisciplinary Program Coordinator
Cheryl Baker – Teacher
Meredith Chesney – Teacher
Alistair Briggs – Teacher
Dale Nason – Teacher
Ann Langusch – Teacher
Ruth Lyon – Teacher
Ruth Wellington – Teacher
Phillip Allan – Teacher
Leigh Milward – Teacher
Simon Rankin – Teacher

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