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The School of Media and Communication places high value on research. It is committed to producing knowledge that is socially, academically, professionally and industry relevant.

Researchers and postgraduates in the school are involved in a diverse number of projects funded by the Australian Research Council, philanthropic and commercial bodies. Key researchers are drawn from a variety of research backgrounds.

The school offers excellent working facilities to its research students, these spaces range from an open plan design studio to partitioned individual work areas with a desk, bookshelves and storage. Candidates can also make use of the excellent resources at the Australian Film Insititute (AFI) Research Collection.

Program information

HDR candidates undertake their research through a variety of approaches including creative practice, practice-based research as well as archival, field-based and text-based methodologies.

The finished form of the research in all Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) programs may be either a thesis or by project combined with an exegesis.

Research can be undertaken by thesis or as a project with a written exegetical component. The following research degrees are offered:


Dr Adrian Danks – Program Director

Administrative enquiries: mediacommhdr@rmit.edu.au

Applying for a research degree

Applicants are required to enrol with a research proposal that aligns with school research strengths and the expertise of a primary and secondary supervisor located in the school.

Before submitting your application, make direct contact with two potential supervisors to discuss your proposal to ensure a fit with their expertise, interests and availability.

Application and enrolment process in the School of Media and Communication

Graduate Research Conference

Twice a year research candidates participate in a Graduate Research Conference (GRC) where they are given the opportunity to present work in progress and receive helpful feedback from peers and colleagues.


Forms for Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) candidates

HDR forms:

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