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Building 2 (School of Art) new lift, lobby and courtyard

 Photo: Digital image of the courtyard that will flank the back of Building 2 and the new lift lobby

Digital image of the courtyard that will flank the back of Building 2 and the new lift lobby.

Features of the Building 2 courtyard

Timber seats
Timber wall frame for climbing plants
Low planting against wall
Storey Hall projection wall / or banner
Underground rainwater tanks


Bowen Street, City campus

Project overview

Four neighbouring buildings located in or near the busy Bowen Street thoroughfare on RMIT’s City campus are earmarked for significant refurbishment and will ultimately house the many and varied disciplines within the School of Art.

Buildings 2, 4, 6 and 24 are several of the oldest buildings on the City campus. Significant infrastructural works are gradually being rolled out to bring the buildings up to contemporary standards before they are redesigned and refurbished to accommodate the diverse requirements and collaborative teaching and learning needs of the TAFE, undergraduate and postgraduate programs within the School of Art.

A lift will be installed to service the five floors of Building 2. The lift and lobby will be located in and around the rear of Building 2 in a pocket of space in between Buildings 2 and 24. A link from the refurbished Building 2 will provide upper-level access to Building 24. This will enable disabled access to Building 2 and level 2 of Building 24.

A new boiler room has been installed on the roof of Building 2. This will enable the old boiler room to be demolished to make way for new toilet facilities.

A new electrical substation is also being installed in Building 24, which is located behind Building 2 and is accessible via La Trobe Street. The substation will service Buildings 2, 4, 6, 22 and 24. Works are expected to be completed by July, 2008.

The Building 2 studios and gallery are also being painted and fitted out with new floor finishes, lighting, blinds and ventilation.

The building’s existing toilets are also being refurbished and new toilets will be added to the levels of the building that do not have them.

A paved courtyard that flanks the Building 2 foyer and opens up previously unused space behind the School of Art will also be introduced to the City Campus. The courtyard will contain timbers seats and wall frames to accommodate climbing plants and will provide an attractive new recreation space for the University community. The courtyard is due for completion by the end of 2010.

Project update

  • March 2010 - May2010
  • September 2009 – February 2010
  • March – August 2009
  • February 2009
  • October 2008
  • August 2008
  • March – May 2010

    The first stage of the landscaping works for the Building 2 courtyard is now complete. This involves the laying and cleaning of the bluestone courtyard.

    The second stage of the landscaping works involves planting, the installation of underground water tanks and further cleaning. A small courtyard that overlooks the School of Art’s gold and silversmithing studio is also being refurbished.

    September 2009 – February 2010

    Significant work has been undertaken on the lifts, which were completed in late February

    March – August 2009

    Construction of the new lifts is underway and is set to be completed in late December, 2009. Building 2 staff have relocated to Building 24.

    February 2009

    The main contractor has been appointed and construction is earmarked to begin in March.

    October 2008

    The initial enabling works that comprise a new lift for Building 2 will go to tender in October 2008 with staff affected by these works relocated into the neighbouring Building 24.

    August 2008

    Substation works are well underway, with around 75 per cent of the work completed.

    Documentation for the Building 2 lifts has also been compiled and lift construction work will begin later this year.

    Project timeline

    Project briefing


    Design and tendering

    Lift, lobby and toilet design documentation to be completed in the third quarter of 2008. The tender will follow.

    Work begins

    Lifts and lift lobby - Early 2009

    Courtyard – March 2010

    Work ends

    Lifts and lift lobby - February, 2010

    Courtyard – December 2010



    Peter Elliot Architecture + Urban Design

    RMIT Project Manager

    Ronan Walsh

    Manager, Client Relations

    Tony Metherell

    Structural Engineer

    Clive Steel

    Services Consultant


    Building Surveyor


    Quantity Surveyor

    Simon Wragg

    Main Contractor


    View of Building 2’s new lift

    View of Building 2’s new lift.

    Entry to the lift lobby.

    Entry to the lift lobby.

    View of lift lobby

    View of lift lobby.

    View of lift door

    View of lift door.