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The Global Cities Research Institute engages in cutting-edge and applied research that has real-world consequences for communities, governments and organisations.

We are living through a period in which urban living has, for the first time in human history, supplanted rural life.

Cities, for all their vibrancy and liveliness, face the growing challenge of providing secure and sustainable places to live.

The Global Cities Research Institute brings together key researchers at RMIT University, Australia, working on understanding the complexity of globalising urban settings from provincial centres to mega-cities. Our research is highly collaborative, linking with institutions and people around the world in long-term partnerships.

Our overall aim is to develop interpretations and strategies for building sustainable cities in the world today, thus contributing to the quality of human life and the viability of ecologies in those places.

Global Cities Research Institute is associated with the UN Global Compact Cities Programme.

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RMIT University
Building 96, Level 2
17-25 Lygon Street,
Melbourne VIC

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RMIT University
Global Cities Research Institute
GPO Box 2476
Melbourne VIC 3001

Telephone:  +61 3 9925 8322
Facsimile:  +61 3 9925 2387

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