Blackboard is the course level online learning management system (LMS) used at RMIT. Teachers and their students will have access to an online Blackboard shell for their courses. All undergraduate courses and many post graduate courses have Blackboard shells which can be used for a variety of learning and teaching activities including:

  • Creating and distributing interactive course activities and content.
  • Engaging and communicating with students through social learning.
  • Managing student collaborative and reflective activities.
  • Conducting online assessment.
  • Storing assessment to comply with assessment requirements.
  • Recording and distributing student grades.

Blackboard mobile

Instructors and their students can use the Blackboard Mobile Learn app to view course content and interact with discussion boards and create and comment on blog and journal posts.

Blackboard in Vietnam

Blackboard 8 is the current version available to RMIT Vietnam staff. Courses cannot be exported out of v9.1, which is used in Melbourne, and imported in v8. Individual files need to be sent to Vietnam staff.

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Blackboard upgrade: new in 2014

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