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Professor Renata Kokanović

Professor Renata Kokanović is the Director of Social and Global Studies Centre.

She works at the intersections of health, society and medicine, with a particular focus on interdisciplinary mental health research. She combines empirical research with interdisciplinary theoretical and methodological scholarship while collaborating with industry partners and health care users to facilitate greater understanding of lived experiences of health and illness.

Gurdip Chima, Mental Health Branch, Dept. Health & Human Services (DHHS)

Prof. Andrea Cornwall, SOAS University of London

Beth Eggleston, Humanitarian Advisory Group

Prof. John Hajek, University of Melbourne 

John Walsh, Founder, Bridge of Hope Innocence Initiative at RMIT

Marta Poblet Balcell, Associate Professor & ECP Director

Dr Monica Barratt, Vice Chancellor's Research Fellow Representative and Vice Chancellor's Senior Research Fellow
Social science, Drug use, Digital society and technology

Dr Alexis Bergantz, Lecturer
The French Pacific, Franco-Australian history, New Caledonia, Empire studies, settler colonialism, French society and culture

Dr Christina David, Lecturer
Disability, human rights based approaches, social support, policy and practice

Dr Anamaria Ducasse, Language, Culture & International Education Representative and Senior Lecturer
Analysing communication and language primarily in assessment settings, Discourse analysis and qualitative research methodologies, Second language teaching and learning, Language and identity

Philip Grant, Research & Innovation Representative

Dr Jacinthe Flore, Vice-Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Technology and health, Mental health, Histories of psychiatry and medicine, Science and technology studies

Professor Hariz Halilovich, Migration ECP Network

Professor Katherine Johnson, Associate Dean, Research & Innovation

Robyn Martin, Associate Dean Social Work & Human Services

Mrs Lucy Maxwell, Early Career Researcher Representative and Associate Lecturer

Chad O'Brien, Public Engagement & Communications

Dr Jing Qi, Lecturer
Transcultural doctoral education, Transnational knowledge exchange, Blended and Online Learning

Alan Shanks, DSC Operations Manager

Professor Stuart Thomas, Criminology & Justice Studies Representative

Clare Thompson, DSC Operations, Secretary

Dr Juliet Watson, HDR Co-ordinator and Deputy Director Unison Housing Research Lab
Homelessness, Violence against women, Social exclusion, Social capital, Feminist theory and activism, Intersectionality, Embodiment, Young people

Associate Professor Aiden Warren, Global Studies Representative
International Security, US national security and foreign policy, US Politics, International Relations, WMD Policy, International Political Economy

Nicole Woodham, DSC Operations, Events

Dr Stephen Alomes, Adjunct Professor
Populism, nationalism, globalisation - new classes and inequity, politics, media, sport, celebrity, community

Dr Sharon Andrews, Lecturer
Social policy, Evidence based policy & practice; Human service delivery outcomes focused work, Higher Education policy, Academic freedom

Associate Professor Sharif As-Saber
Governance, Corruption & Illegal Business, Penalty Rates, Readymade Garments (RMG), Child Labour, Geopolitics, International Business, e-Procurement, South Asia, Bangladesh

Associate Professor Paul Battersby, Deputy Dean (Global and Language Studies)
Global risk and governance, Security, Global crime, Asian business practices, International development, International Law

Professor Judith Bessant
Sociology, Politics, Policy studies, Youth studies, Ethics, Criminology, Education, History

Dr Tuba Boz, Research Fellow
Migration, Identity politics, Multiculturalism, Muslim minorities and diaspora

Tait Brimacombe

Associate Professor Anne Brown, Honorary Principal Research Fellow
Social inclusion & participation, Security and justice, Human rights, Peace and conflict transformation

Professor Desmond Cahill, Emeritus Professor
Immigrant and refugee movements and settlement, History, Policy and practice in Australian immigration, Ethnic community development, Immigrant, Refugee, Multicultural and Interfaith Education

Dr Robin Cameron, Senior Lecturer
Digital criminology, Global criminology, Terrorism studies, Critical security studies, Human security, International relations theory, Political theory, Social theory

Professor Chris Chamberlain, Emeritus Professor

Dr Peter Chambers, Senior Lecturer
Border security

Dr Brianna Chesser, Senior Lecturer
Criminology and Justice

Associate Professor Val Colic-Peisker
Migration, Mobility, Globalisation, Cosmopolitanism, Australian immigration and settlement policies

Ms Mish Colla, Associate Lecturer

Mr Matthew Coote, Research Officer
EU-Australia relations, Psephology, International business, European film festivals, Cultural diplomacy

Dr Sebastian Cordoba, Lecturer
Social work

Ms Christine Craik, Lecturer
Women, Children, Domestic violence, Social Work

Dr Chantal Crozet, Senior Lecturer
Intercultural language teaching, Religion, secularism and gender issues in contemporary France, French popular songs as historical, societal and cultural discourse

Dr Kathryn Daley, Lecturer
Young people, Chronic disadvantage, Drug use, Self-injury, gender, Practice development, Research ethics

Dr Emma Dalton, Lecturer
Women in politics, sexual harassment, Japanese politics, Japanese society and culture

Ms Nadia David, Associate Lecturer
Criminology and justice

Mr Christopher Davies, Associate Lecturer

Associate Professor Karien Dekker, Higher Degree by Research Director, Design & Social Context
Cultural and religious diversity, Social cohesion, Community participation

Dr Sophie Di Francesco-Mayot, Research Officer
European politics, European integration, EU institutions, political parties, culture, religion and identity

Associate Professor Jonathan Duckworth
Virtual reality, Interactive media art, Arts and sciences, Serious games, Interaction design and tangible computing for Disabilities and Rehabilitation

Dr Cameron Duff, Senior Lecturer
Social entrepreneurship , Social enterprise, Organisational theory, Public health, Urban renewal, Innovation, Digital health, At-risk youth, Housing & homelessness, Mental health promotion

Dr Tommaso Durante, Lecturer
Aesthetics of globalisation, Ideologies of globalisation, Social imaginary, Urban change dynamics, Urban iconology, Global processes, Multiculturalism & globalisation

Dr Kathy Edwards, Senior Lecturer
Youth sociology, Youth policy, Youth studies, Youth work, Feminist theory, Feminism, Women/gender and policy, Political participation and social movements, Prostitution and sex-trafficking, Young people and gloablization

Associate Professor Ronnie Egan
Social work, Human service sector, Violence against women, CALD students and practice

Mr Michael Emslie, Lecturer
Youth work, Young people, Reflective practice, Work-integrated learning

Dr Addis Fejzic, Research Assistant

Dr Martha Lucia Florez, Lecturer
Interculturalidad and indigenous language policies, contemporary Latin American literature and films, critical discourse analysis, multimedia in foreign language teaching

Ms Olga Garcia-Caro Alcazar, Lecturer
Interpreting, Translation, Gender

Dr Erika Gonzalez Garcia, Senior Lecturer
Translation & interpreting, Interpreter & translator ethics, Medical & legal discourse

Ms Zoe Goodall, Research Assistant

Associate Professor Damian Grenfell, Senior Research Fellow
Nation-formation, State and peace-building, Development in conflict and post-conflict societies

Associate Professor Roberto Guevara
Asia-Pacific environmental education, HIV-AIDS education, Community and eco Tourism, International aid and development, Community development

Dr Gemma Hamilton, Research Officer
Gendered violence, Forensic interviewing, Sexual assault

Dr Lisa Harris, Lecturer
Community, Cyberspace, elearning, Human services practice and innovation, Public and social policy related to human services

Dr Vandra Harris, Senior Lecturer
International development as it relates to: gender, culture, security, human movement, participation, partnerships, globalisation, community development, Southeast Asia & the Pacific

Mr Michael Harrison, Indigenous Research Assistant

Associate Professor Nicola Henry, Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow
Sexual violence, including sexual assault and rape on campus, rape law reform, wartime rape and sexual violence and sexual harassment

Mr Alasdair Henry, Associate Lecturer Industry Fellow

Associate Professor Georgina Heydon, Senior Lecturer
Legal communication and language, Police interviewing, Criminal records, Lie detection, Cross-cultural communication

Dr Nicholas Hill, Researcher
Mental health, Wellbeing, Happiness, Narrative research, Qualitative methods

Professor Anna Hickey-Moody, Vice Chancellor's Senior Research Fellow
Arts practice as research, Socially engaged practice, Disability, Religion, Masculinity, Media arts, Feminist theory, Ethnography

Distinguished Professor Larissa Hjorth, ECP Director, Design and Creative Practice
Mobile media, Socio-cultural use of media technologies in the Asia-Pacific region, Gender and gaming, Art and new media

Associate Professor Kim Humphery, Lecturer
History, Sociology & Theories of Consumption & Materiality, Ethical/Sustainable Consumption, Social & Cultural Theory, Transgender Studies, Social & Cultural Dimensions of Indigenous Health

Dr Charles T. Hunt, Senior Research Fellow
Security and justice sector reform, Policing, Peace operations, Peacebuilding, Humanitarianism, Responsibility to protect and protection of civilians in armed conflict, African Security, Monitoring and evaluation

Dr Suzi Hutchings, Senior Lecturer
Indigenous Australia, Native Title, Indigenous youth and social justice, Indigenous youth and music, De-colonisation

Ms Anna Hyland, Research Assistant

Dr Reina Ichii, Lecturer
Development economics, Feminist economics, Public policy, Public finance, Gender and development, Time use research

Ms Belinda Johnson, Lecturer
Social work, Gender and precarious work, Organisational studies

Professor Guy Johnson
Housing, Homelessness, Substance abuse, Stigma

Dr Kate Johnston-Ataata, Research Fellow
Experiences of early menopause, Transition to parenthood, Intercultural intimate relationships, Individualization, Health and illness experiences

Dr Binoy Kampmark, Senior Lecturer
Institution of war, Diplomacy, International relations, 20th-century history, Terrorism, International law

Dr Elizabeth Kath, Senior Lecturer
State capacity, Social capital, Public health (esp. maternal-infant health), Latin America and Caribbean (esp. Cuba), Public policy, Reconciliation

Dr Iris Kucuk, Research Fellow
Psychology of grief and loss, Forced migration, Postcolonial and literary studies

Ms Ya-Ping Kuo, VE Program Manager, Translating and Interpreting

Associate Professor Bawa Kuyini
Quantitative & Qualitative approaches to research on Disability, Special Needs/inclusive Education, Refugees & Migration

Dr Miranda Lai, Senior Lecturer
Police interpreting, Cognitive interviewing, Investigative interviewing, Community interpreting, Community translation, Public service interpreting, Public service translation, Ethics, Pedagogy of translating and interpreting

Dr Caroline Lambert, Lecturer Industry Fellow

Dr Julian Lee, Associate Professor
Globalisation; International studies; Careers and employability; Civil Society; Popular Culture.

Professor Tania Lewis
Sociology of media & culture, Culture & globalization, Lifestyle politics, Reality TV Consumer culture, Ethical consumption, Green citizenship, Cultural approaches to sustainability

Associate Professor Marg Liddell
Child Protection, Youth Justice, Crime Prevention, Minority groups and the criminal justice system, Theoretical explanations of women's offending patterns, Migration and trafficking of women and girls

Dr Cirila (Lilac) Pastora Limpangog, Lecturer
Women's Rights, Gender Equality, Workplace Discrimination, Work-Life Balance, Social Inclusion, Diversity, Multiculturalism

Ruth Liston, Lecturer
Gendered violence, Crime prevention, Youth justice

Dr Debbi Long, Senior Research Fellow
Global health, Health systems analysis, Health cultures, Multidisciplinary clinical teamwork, Clinical governance, Hospital systems, Biomedical cultures, Health education

Dr Peta Malins, Senior Lecturer
Drug use, policing, drug education, intersectionality, abolition

Dr Sonia Martin, Lecturer
Inequality, Welfare reform, Social policy, Community development

Dr Marietta Martinovic, Senior Lecturer
Corrections, Community based corrections, Prisons, Punishment, Electronic monitoring, Comparative criminal justice and social crime prevention

Dr Chris Maylea, Lecturer - ECDF
Program management and evaluation in the human services, Mental health management, Critical social work, Youth homelessness

Dr Glenda Mejia, Senior Lecturer
Women studies (intersectionality), Migration (place-making, belonging, language and identity), Spanish-speaking migration & mobility in Australia, Pedagogy (teaching practice and mLearning)

Dr Kerry Montero, Senior Lecturer
Youth work practice, Adolescent health & wellbeing, Road safety education, Health promotion

Associate Professor Kerry Mullan
French language and culture, Cross-cultural communication & interactional styles, Intercultural pragmatics, Discourse analysis, Language teaching, Conversational humour

Associate Professor Yaso Nadarajah
Communities & Wellbeing, Identity & Belonging, Local-global sustainability, Community engaged & qualitative research methodologies in cross-cultural environments (PNG, Sri Lanka, Malaysia)

Dr Jindan Ni, Lecturer
Dialogic relationships between classical Chinese & Japanese literature & culture, Comparative literary studies

Dr Sharlene Nipperess, Lecturer
Human Rights (in relation to critical social work, people experiencing mental distress, people from refugee & asylum seeker backgrounds, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples & the environment), Social Work Ethics

Dr Caroline Norma, Senior Research Fellow
Public policy, Prostitution, Pornography & trafficking in Australia, Japan and South Korea, Translation & interpreting

Mrs Hiroko Ohashi, Lecturer
Discourse analysis for language teaching, Application of pragmatics to language learning, Intercultural communication, Language teaching

Dr Angelika Papadopoulos, Lecturer
Social policy, Sustainability & social work, Higher education policy

Dr Chloe Patton, Lecturer
Islamophobia, racism, forced marriage, Islamic veiling

Dr Anh Pham, Associate Research Fellow
Transnational education, internationalisation, mobility, social inclusion, community engagement, graduate employability

Dr Peter Phipps, Senior Lecturer
Postcolonialism, Global cultural studies, Nat'l identities & modernity, Indigenous relations, & festivals, Cultural politics, Urban ethnic precincts, Anthropology of tourism

Associate Professor Anastasia Powell
Cybercrime, Technology Facilitated Abuse, Sexual & Domestic Violence

Dr Kaye Quek, Lecturer
Feminist politics, Human rights, Gender, Violence against women, Human trafficking, International law

Dr James Rowe, Lecturer
Law reform, Social justice, Street-based sex work, Public policymaking

Dr Michele Ruyters, Associate Professor
Gender & Sport, Gender & Physical Identity, Biographical Disruption, Wrongful Conviction

Dr Rosanna Scutella, Senior Research Fellow
Social economics, Social policy

Dr Rajesh Sharma, Senior Lecturer
Dispute resolution, International trade, Foreign investment law & policy, India & China

Dr Emma Shortis, Research Fellow
European Union, Environmental Politics and History, US Politics and History

Professor Joseph Siracusa
Nuclear Weapons, Presidential Politics and War on Terror

Dr Russell Solomon, Lecturer
Human Security Issues, Australia's Engagement with the International Human Rights Regime, Rights Based Approach to Policymaking, Economic/Social and Cultural Rights

Associate Professor Ceridwen Spark

Kaye Stevens, Research Fellow
Policy, Evaluation, Co-design, Methodology

Dr Gregory Stratton, Lecturer
Wrongful conviction, Miscarriages of justice, Media & crime, Digital criminology, Internet research, Technology & crime

Mrs Una Stone, Associate Lecturer
Justice, Legal, Female offenders, Indigenous issues, Violence against women

Dr Sarah Taylor, Post doctoral Research fellow, Unison Housing Research lab

Professor Rob Watts
Labour Market, Social Security Policy, Private Investment in Public Infrastructure, Australian Social Theory History, Australian Eugenics History, Youth Policy

Professor Penelope Weller
Convention on the Rights of Person with Disabilities; Mental health law, Mental health advance directives, Coercion and recovery, Therapeutic jurisprudence, Comparative law

Dr Raelene West, Research Fellow
Disability and aged care services (NDIS and CDC), Ableism, CDS, Human rights, Social inclusim

Associate Professor John Whyte, Deputy Dean (Policy Practice & Social Innovation)
Indigenous identity, Post-colonial theory, Cross-worldview social work practice, Chaos/complexity theory, International sex trafficking

Dr Naomi Wilks-Smith, Lecturer
Language Education, Intentional Teaching Gestures

Professor Charlotte Williams, Associate Dean (Social Work & Human Services)
Social work, Multiculturalism in Australia, Issues for newly settled migrants, Asylum & refugees, Migration & mobilities, Race, ethnicity, cultural diversity & professional, welfare policy & practice; Cross cultural, transnational & international social work

Ms Judy Williams, Lecturer

Professor Bruce Wilson
Relationship between learning & work, Organisational change & Work design, Workplace implications of new technologies

Professor Chris Ziguras, Deputy Dean (International)
International education

Professor Lois Bryson, Emeritus Professor

Professor Ruchira Ganguly-Scrase, Adjunct Professor
Anthropology of South Asia, International development, Inequality of women in developing countries, Refugees & displaced people

Associate Professor Anne Harris
Creativity, Creative practice, Diversity & social inclusion, Digital ethnography, Video, Performance, Gender & sexuality

Dr Masoud Kianpour
Social psychology, Sociology of emotions, Mental health, Human dignity, Meaning of life

Hononary Professor Paul Komesaroff

Dr Helen Marshall, Honorary Professor
NVivo, Research methodology, Sociology

Professor Greg Marston

Professor Martin Mowbray, Emeritus Professor

Professor John Murphy

Professor Belinda Probert

Adjunct Professor Judith Smart
Australian women's organisations, Political protest, Women & religion, Feminism

Professor Yoland Wadsworth, Adjunct Professor
Research & evaluation, Methodology, Action research

Professor Gavin Wood, Emeritus Professor
Public Policy & Urban Studies, Housing Finance, Labour Economics, Homelessness

Seregious Be-Ere (HDR Student Representative)

Anumoni Joshi (HDR Student Representative)

Gabriella Karakas (DSC Subcommittee Candidate Representative)

Muhammad Abbas

Glenn Abblitt

Rusmir Ahmic

Mansour Alobaisi

Abdullah Khalid S Alrebdi

Amerah Abdullah A Alsharif

Sumayyah Alsulami

Amaya Alvarez

Joanne Barker

Tarana Begum

Godwin Festival Boateng

Karen Broadley

Jack Brookes

Simone Cappelluti

Fiona Carey

Sam Carroll-Bell

Jannett Nieves Cortes

Louise Coventry

Christine Craik

Maureen D'Arcy

Divya Das

Liz Dearn

Lucy Demant

Amber Domberelli

Somaieh Ebrahimi

Donna Evans

Lisa Ewenson

Rebekah Farrell

Rachael Fernald

Jessica Findling

David Fisher

Joshua Hallwright

Hamdullah .

Ahsan Hanif

Emily Hanscamp

Haidee Hicks

Liz Hudson

Luan Huynh

Md Badrul Hyder

Afshin Jafari

Qamar Jafri

Ivana Jurko

Sajjad Kianbakht

Tyler King

Ceyhan Kurt

Melissa Laing

Tegan Larin

Victor J Lasa

Hanna Moges Lemma

Joseph Macfarlane

Mercy Masta

Sarah McCook

Natalie Mclean

Jane Middleton

Lena Molnar

Thomas Moore

Shaez Mortimer

Adnan Nawaz

Osorio Neto

Minh Nguyen

Hasan Nuhanovic

Monica O'Dwyer

Tully O'Neill

Nerkez Opacin

David Paull

Binh Pham

Hau Pham

Septaliana Dewi Prananingtyas

Hyun-Jun Roh

Tamzin Rollason

Caitlin Roper

Susan Rouch

Kara Sandri

Yuniar Paramita Sari

Bess Schnioffsky

Amina Shahzadi

Leul Tadesse Sidelil

Emily Spiller

Tanya Stelmach

Lanie Stockman

Una Stone

Joanne Taylor

Donna Teekens

Sangeetha Thanapal

Samantha Togni

Emily Toome

Bree Turner

Stefani Vasil

Xiaolong Wang

Catherine Weiss

Bronwyn Winch

Dallas Wingrove

Garth Wright

Renee Wright

Savva Zavou

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Acknowledgement of country

RMIT University acknowledges the people of the Woi wurrung and Boon wurrung language groups of the eastern Kulin Nation on whose unceded lands we conduct the business of the University. RMIT University respectfully acknowledges their Ancestors and Elders, past and present. RMIT also acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and their Ancestors of the lands and waters across Australia where we conduct our business.