Report lost, damaged or missing library items

Use this form to report problems returning items to the Library.

Let us know as soon as possible if you have:
  • items on loan you are unable to return because they are lost, stolen or damaged,
  • items you have returned which have not been cleared from your record,
  • items you have never borrowed.
Please note: Reporting an issue does not automatically mean that the Library will waive any costs that you have incurred.
Your details

Item details
Enter the details for the relevant item as listed in your My Account (opens in new window). If you have more than one item, you will need to submit a new form for each item.

Your responsibilities
Your search for the reported item must be thorough. Have you checked the following places?

  • At home
  • Amongst your books
  • In any bags or boxes
  • At work
  • In any desks or study areas
  • In your car
  • With friends, family, students or colleagues
  • With other libraries you are using, e.g. public library or another university library
Depending on the circumstances, we may ask you to supply supporting documentation, for example medical certificate, copy of police report, etc.
Library Responsibilities
We will search throughout the Library for the items you have reported as lost, returned or never borrowed. We will check other campus Libraries as appropriate.
Please note: If the item cannot be located, in accordance with Library policy, you will incur a replacement charge for the item.