About online reference generators

Online referencing generators:

  • help you format references in most popular styles
  • let you copy and paste the references into your bibliography or reference list
  • you can use them in a browser

If you decide to try one of these tools for your RMIT assignment, remember:

  • Use them for APA, Vancouver, MLA and Oxford styles only. RMIT has its own version of the Harvard style, so for this style it is safer to use our Easy Cite.
  • They can generate full references, but most can't help you with in-text citations.
  • They lack advanced features available in EndNote and other bibliographic management tools.
  • You might not be able to download bibliographic records from LibrarySearch and the databases. If this option is available, you will need to check the records for any errors that need correcting.
  • Don't submit your assignment without reviewing the references first. Online generators are error-prone, so always check the list of references they produce.

Here are some examples of reference generators:

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