Research Spotlight series for 2020

Research Data Management @ RMIT

Wednesday, 16 September, 1 pm - 2 pm

Come learn all about Research Data Management at RMIT, the tools available to you, and the complete data lifecycle and how it applies to your research.

Plus hear from two current RMIT Researchers about how publishing research data has played a role in their own RDM plans.

  • Research data management plans
  • Data Storage: ITS options
  • Data collaboration: Cloudstor+
  • Data publishing and promotion: Figshare
  • Data search / reuse: Australian National Data Service

The Library's comprehensive Research Data Management guide is a great starting point for more information on research data management.

Introduction to citation metrics for research evidence

Tuesday 13 October, 10.30am 

This session will give a brief introduction to some researcher profiles and metrics that can be used to demonstrate how people have engaged with your research through citations and altmetrics. We'll also cover steps to compare your research publications with others and identifying top-ranking publications. You are more than welcome to make any requests for session content when registering! 

Introduction to NVivo for literature reviews

Thursday 15 October, 2pm

In this session, Dr Anuja Cabraal will give an introduction of NVivo, a qualitative research software program that can be used for a literature review and data analysis. Dr Cabraal will present an overview of a sample project, and demonstrate the features of the software, including the variety of data you can import, coding and analysis, ways to further explore your data using queries, and different way to explore relationships between themes and ways to quickly and simply visualise your data. 

(We think this one will be of particular interest to HDR students and ECRs - anyone who may not be familiar with NVivo) 

Engaging with the SDGs - What does this mean for researchers?

Wednesday 21 October, 2pm

Researchers are increasingly encouraged to frame their research in terms of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the related agenda Transforming our World. But what does that actually involve? And why should we bother?

In this presentation, Lauren Rickards and Wendy Steele will outline an approach to the SDGs that moves beyond logos and indicators to engage with what they are at essence – which is a call to reappraise our current trajectories, think imaginatively about the role of research in the world, and develop new ways of working together to generate research impact within as well as beyond our institutions. 

Moving Ahead: Building Your Academic Brand" (Women Researchers' Network)

Thursday 29 October, 2pm 

The "Moving Ahead: Building Your Academic Brand" session is designed to highlight the importance of academic brand identity (creation, development and nurturing) to increase visibility and share key competencies with target audiences. The speakers have been brought together through the Women Researchers' Network (WRN). WRN was established in 2013 to enable female RMIT academic staff and researchers at all career stages to connect with each other, share opportunities, access resources and participate fully in positive, active professional development.

Using SciVal to view research collaboration, Topics and Research Areas

Wednesday 11 November, 2pm 

This session will be delivered by Steve Riddell from Elsevier, who will focus on the Collaboration module in SciVal, which can be used to see who you have collaborated with on your research and identify potential research collaborators. Steve will also give an overview of the Topics and Research Areas’ sections on SciVal to view top researchers and identify relevant publications for your research. 

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