We will buy digital versions of information resources in preference to print versions to provide equitable, 24/7 access regardless of Library opening hours, multiple simultaneous (where possible) access to resource and to integrate them into online course content.  

Resources that are not available in digital version and are high-use, the Library can make up to two print copies available on short-term loan. Other print copies may be made available on normal loan policy.

Please send your request to library.orders@rmit.edu.au with the following information, allowing up to five working days for processing:

  • resource details (title, author, publication),
  • course details (school, course code, instructor),
  • Library site (Brunswick, Bundoora, Carlton or Swanston),
  • removal date (e.g. Semester1, Semester2, or end of year).

Please note: If you want to provide scanned documents to your students, use our e-Reserve Service


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