RMIT and Ecole Centrale de Lyon awarded EU funding for global joint PhD program

07 Dec 18

A prestigious PhD program for nanotechnology research delivered by Ecole Centrale de Lyon in France and RMIT University in Australia has been awarded €1.6M in European funding.

Could child labour be a ‘necessary evil’ while extreme poverty persists?

04 Dec 18

New research highlighting the dangers of unsafe work for children also shows that child labour, in safer conditions, may help some to survive extreme poverty.

Four in ten think women lie about being victims of sexual assault

04 Dec 18

Four in ten Australians (42%) think sexual assault accusations are a way of getting back at men, according to the fourth National Community Attitudes Survey (NCAS) on violence against women.

Model city: new software predicts infrastructure lifecycle

03 Dec 18

Software developed by RMIT researchers is being used to help plan for the lifecycle and maintenance costs of assets including buildings, bridges and stormwater drainage.