What is co-browsing?

Co-browsing allows simultaneous browsing of the same web page in real time with you and an RMIT staff member.

Unlike screen sharing, the RMIT staff member does not have any control of your computer or visibility of your desktop, we will only be able to see the web page/s you open during the co-browsing session.

RMIT does not keep any information from or record the co-browsing session. The session is secure and personal information such as credit card details & passwords are masked from our view. The image to the right is an example of what a masked field looks like in our view.

A co-browsing session can only be initiated when it will support your enquiry, while you are on a phone call with RMIT Connect.

What are the benefits of co-browsing with RMIT?

We can ‘show’ you what to do.  We cannot take control of your computer; we can highlight and point out key information in the co-browsing session to help you resolve your enquiry faster.

Co-browsing is user friendly.  You do not need to download an application to co-browse with us. 

You choose the webpages you want us to view.  Co-browsing has no visibility of your desktop or previously opened webpages.  We can only see the webpage(s) you open once your co-browsing session starts.

Ready to start?

If you wish to continue and start a co-browsing session click the button below and provide the pin code to the RMIT staff member you are talking with.

Please note: Co-browsing is only available while you are talking to RMIT Connect on the phone. If you begin a co-browsing session without talking to RMIT Connect, the co-browsing session won't be detected or answered.