Tops tips:

  • Looking for myRMIT? Find it in your Quicklinks on the Students homepage or at
  • Login to the Students website for a more tailored experience.

What's changed?

The Students website and myRMIT are progressively changing this year to make it easier to find the information and systems you use the most.

The Students homepage is your new starting point for everything you need, including access to myRMIT.

The first round of changes to the Students site includes:

  • fresh design for a better experience
  • improved structure and layout so it’s easier to find what you use the most
  • displays well on mobile phones and tablets
  • a more tailored experience when you're logged into the site (we use your program details to bring you relevant information).

Look out for more features throughout 2017.


What's a tailored experience?

After logging into the website, you will see custom information and links based on the type of student you are and where you are studying. In the first round of changes you can expect to see the following information tailored for you on the Students homepage.


Screen capture of the links that follow the 'My studies' heading on Students home page.

How is it tailored?

  • Custom tiles appear for different types of students, depending on your study level and where you are studying. 

  • Class timetables, important dates and exam timetable will link you to different web content depending on tpe of student.

Who it is tailored for?

  • Higher education students (includes undergraduate, postgraduate and Higher degrees by Research) in Australia
  • Vocational education students (includes associate degrees and apprentices and trainees) in Australia
  • RMIT Online and Open Universities Australia (OUA) students
  • Students studying at partners outside of Australia 

Screen capture of the links that follow the campus heading on Students home page.

How is it tailored?

  • Custom information and links appear for the 3 main campuses in Australia

Who it is tailored for?

Students who are enrolled in a program based at one of these campuses:

  • Melbourne City campus
  • Bundoora campus
  • Brunswick campus


I need help

If you need assistance with the new Student website or have any questions, please contact RMIT Connect or IT Service and support centre.


You’ll encounter pop-up surveys as you use the Students website, asking you to tell us what you think and share your feedback. Your feedback helps RMIT make further improvements, so please take 1 minute to share your thoughts when you encounter this survey.