Bust a Groove will take over the City campus during May, providing the chance for RMIT students to battle it out for dancing glory.

The competition will culminate in the grand finale on Thursday 23 May to determine the final winner.

Open to all dance styles, Bust a Groove will showcase both solo, duo and 1 vs 1 Battle Division, with the winners walking away with awesome cash prizes.

All students, staff, friends and fans are welcome to watch!

Students at dance competition

Key information

Registrations are now open

Heat: 12.30–1.30pm, Thursday 16 May 2019

Final: 12.30–2pm, Thursday 23 May 2019

Location: Media Portal, ground floor on the corner of Swanston Street and Franklin Street, City campus.
Styles: The competition is open to all dance styles.


Solo - 1st prize: $500
Duo - 1st prize: $500
1 vs 1 Battle Division: $250

Competition rules

Solo / Duo / Battle Division

There are three divisions in the competition: solos, duos and 1 vs 1 Battle Division.

  • A solo is one dancer who performs on their own.*
  • A duo is comprised of two dancers. The duo may have one non-RMIT student, but there must be at least one RMIT student as part of the duo.*
  • The 1 vs 1 Battle Division must have at least 50% sign-ups as RMIT students. If you're a non-RMIT student, you must be currently studying to enter**

*The solo and duo divisions are pre-choreographed (or can be freestyled by artistic choice) divisions. The Battle Division is freestyled according to the music and rounds offered. 

**Battle Division is only held on the Bust a Groove final date. First round is Non-RMIT students to qualify to battle RMIT students in the final rounds.

Music for heats

Must choose from the ten pre-selected music tracks which the DJ will supply at the heat. These will be radio edits (no pre-mixed versions allowed) and you may choose to play them from any part of the song.

Solo Division: Minimum 1 minute & 20 seconds / Maximum 1 minute & 20 seconds

Duo Division: Minimum 1 minute & 50 seconds / Maximum 2 minutes

(If you perform less than the minimum required you will be disqualified from the competition)

Music for the final

Qualifying soloists and duos must supply your own music.

(no swearing or offensive content is permitted)

Solo Division: Minimum 1 minute & 50 seconds / Maximum 2 minutes

Duo Division: Minimum 2 minutes & 20 seconds / Maximum 2 minutes & 30 seconds

(If you perform less than the minimum required you will be disqualified from the competition) 

Music must be emailed as an MP3 or MP4 by 5pm, Monday 20 May 2019. No other music forms (USB, phone, iPod etc.) will be accepted on the day. Failure to submit music by this time will result in either a 10 point deduction from your overall score or disqualification from the competition.

Battle Division will be provided music mixed on the day – you are not required to select a music track. The Battle division is only part of the final and are not required to compete on the heat date.

Additional rules

  • No props are allowed on stage.
  • No disrobing in a suggestive manner. No excessively revealing clothing. No destroying clothing on stage.
  • Duo members cannot change between heats and finals; only the dancers originally registered for the competition can compete and all duo members must perform for both the heat and the final.
  • Must have fun! This is a competition that celebrates dance at RMIT.

Failure to abide by the competition rules will result in consequences to be determined by the event management.


Email: dance@rmit.edu.au
Telephone: +61 3 9925 1945

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