RMIT City Campus - Megaflex

Building 8, Level 4, Room 11

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05 Apr 2019 - 26 Mar 2019

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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Learning lines is hard. Why not just make them up on the spot?

Celebrated Melbourne comedian Andy Balloch is BACK in Semester 1 2019 with his extremely enjoyable 'Intro to Improv' classes.

Come and explore the art of improvisation – creating unique stories on the spot, utilising physical comedy in physical and verbal exercises, games and scenes. Learn how to develop understanding and complicity with your fellow performers and create a relationship with your audience in this fun 4-week improv masterclass. They are designed for anyone with an interest in improv, comedy, or performing, and suitable for absolutely any level of experience!

Even if you don't consider yourself a performer, these classes could help anyone that wanted to improve their public speaking skills, quick thinking, and general self-confidence.

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