Elly Louise-Tyquin

Elly Louise-Tyquin holds the Administrator position on the First Site Committee. She previously studied fine art, however, her focus has shifted to curating and arts management. Elly loves visiting galleries and is excited about working to make First Site accessible to all students. She hopes that the events and programs run there will invite students from across the University to visit, interact and enjoy First Site.


Fiorella Fabian

Fiorella Fabian studies Arts Management, and also draws and paints. She is interested in contributing to RMIT’s diverse student body, and is excited about working with the committee to make First Site the creative hub for RMIT students. For Fiorella, being part of the committee allows her to share time with creatively-minded people and learn about running an art space.

Erica Hoffman

Erica Hoffman is currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Textile Design). Her creative practice includes screen and digital printing, embroidery and other handcrafts. Erica is keen to increase student engagement with First Site, and to communicate to the wider university community that everyone can be involved with the gallery.


Chloe Hazelwood

Chloe Hazelwood is the First Site Public Programs Committee Member. She is in her final year of a Master of Arts Management and is keen to forge a career in community arts and cultural development. In her Public Programs role, Chloe hopes to develop partnerships across RMIT in order to foster a spirit of collectivity and to promote First Site as an inclusive, safe space for everyone.


Sophie Gleeson

Sophie Gleeson is currently studying a Master of Design by Research and has a creative practice as a sound artist and engineer. She became involved in First Site because it is an experimental space for learning and testing ideas. Sophie hopes to contribute to making First Site an accessible, safe space for diverse and meaningful experiences. She also hope to create opportunities for sound artists to work within the gallery space.


Jacqui Gordon

Jacqui Gordon is studying a Master of Art in Public Space. She has a multi-disciplinary practice that often plays with local histories of the western suburbs of Melbourne. Jacqui became involved in the committee in order to build the existing community around First Site and plant seeds for its future.


Opening hours

Tuesday-Friday, 12-5pm (during exhibitions)


First Site Gallery

Storey Hall Basement
344 Swanston Street
Melbourne, Australia.


Email: art.design@rmit.edu.au

Phone: 9925 0490