What is a global paid internship?

Students selected for global paid internships (RIIERP) complete six to twelve month placements at world-class businesses and institutions in Europe, Asia and the USA. All RIIERP placements are paid.

An overseas work or research opportunity gives you great life experience, the chance to build a global network and an edge with future employers. Eighty per cent of Australian companies we surveyed would favour a candidate with overseas experience.

Examples of work placements include:

  • Rolls-Royce, Indianapolis, USA - working on the F136 jet engine program for the Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft;
  • EADS Space Transportation, Friedrichshafen, Germany – helping with laboratory experiments on a prototype of a life support system for the international space station;
  • Airbus, Hamburg, Germany – working in the Future Projects office to develop computer based tools to estimate the weight of landing gears and engine pylons for the early stage of aircraft design.

Who is eligible?

You are eligible to apply for RIIERP if you are enrolled in an RMIT award program, and

  • your grade point average (GPA) is 2.0 or higher; and
  • you are in at least the third year of your 4 or 5 year program; or
  • you are in at least the second year of your 3 year program; or
  • you are undertaking a postgraduate program.

What programs are available?

RIIERP offers six paid work placement and collaborative research opportunities, for students from all disciplines.

Undergraduates can gain work experience with an international company and exposure to work ethics in different cultural settings. A RIIERP placement may guide your future career and greatly enhance your job prospects. Students from all disciplines are welcome to apply.


  • Open to undergraduate students from all disciplines
    • Four or five year undergraduate programs: you must be in at least the third year of your program
    • Three year undergraduate programs: you must be in at least the second year of your program

Program details:

  • You will be paid living allowances, the amount varies from company to company
  • Your host company will usually help you to find accommodation
  • Placements are six to twelve months

Complete your final year bachelor thesis project with a world-class international company.

You will collaborate with peers from different countries and refine your professional and interpersonal skills. Working at a high-tech company or research institution under the supervision of industry experts can open the door to potential employment with the respective company or inspire further research at a postgraduate level.


  • Open to final year students from all disciplines

Special conditions:

  • You will be paid living allowances, the amount varies from company to company
  • Your host company will usually help you to find accommodation
  • You must complete and submit their thesis by the end of the internship
  • Placements are six to twelve months

A graduate traineeship with a reputable international company for up to 12 months will ease your transition into the competitive global job market.

RIIERP graduates are in high demand with Australian and international employers. Some graduates have been offered full-time employment abroad as a result of their performance on this program.


  • Final year students and recent graduates

Program details:

  • You will be paid living allowances, the amount varies from company to company
  • Your host company will usually help you to find accommodation
  • Placements are six to twelve months

Work and conduct your postgraduate research in some of the world's best research facilities.

In response to increasingly diversified areas of research, RIIERP has established collaboration with high-tech companies such as BASF AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, Volkswagen AG, TRANE, as well as reputable international research institutions such as the German Aerospace Research Establishment, Stuttgart Space Division, and the Space and Astronautics Division in Cologne.

In addition to sharing expertise and infrastructure these partners provide co-supervision and generous grants to support participating researchers.


  • Open to postgraduate students from all disciplines

Program details:

  • Postgraduate researchers receive generous research grants from partner organisations and have access to their research facilities for the duration of their research programs
  • Companies jointly supervise the thesis with RMIT University
  • Senior supervisor must be an RMIT academic
  • Research placements are one to three years

Be part of RMIT’s collaborative international research and consulting projects.

RIIERP postdoctoral fellows support the University’s active involvement in high quality research at an international level, and offer you access to global research infrastructure and the opportunity to publish in reputable international journal and conference publications.


  •  Postdoctoral fellows

Program details:

  • Postdoctoral fellows receive similar conditions to employees of the host organisation
  • Postdoctoral fellowships are one to two years

Special projects enable you to be involved in multinational projects during the course of your studies, without the need to travel.

You will have the opportunity to work on projects with global partners, while attending your normal lectures at RMIT. You will learn to work in a consulting capacity as you manage the projects and maintain communication with overseas partners.


  • Postgraduate students from all disciplines

Program details:

  • You will be paid by the company as a consultant
  • Video or audio conferences are held regularly with company teams to evaluate your work

Where can I go?

Current partner companies and institutions include such respected names as Airbus, EADS, Bentley Motors, the Siemens Group, Nestle, Robert Bosch, Volkswagen, BMW, and the Rolls-Royce group in Europe, Asia and North America.

Follow the links below to research our partners, their line of business and current research, goverment or industry projects.

Company City Specialisation
INTALES Innsbruck Structure analysis for aerospace industry
Company City Specialisation
Airbus   Toulouse Aircraft
Degrémont Paris Water treatment equipment
Keolis Paris Integrated public transport
Company City Specialisation
Aerospace, automotive, renewable energy
ACE Advanced Composite Engineering Salem-Neufrach

Light weight structures

Airbus Hamburg Aircraft

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise


IP and cloud networking, as well as ultra-broadband fixed and wireless access

Audi AG

​Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm (Heilbronn)




Chemical and pharmaceutical technology

BMW Group



EADS Deutschland GmbH- Cassidian


Defence and security

Consaro GmbH


Lightweight structures

Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH

Hannover and Regensburg


Daimler AG



DENSO Automotive Deutschland GmbH



DLR Institute of Vehicle Concepts

Oberpfaffenhofen (Starnberg), Bremen

Traffic-related research institute

eesy-ic GmbH


Integrated Circuits, production and test solutions



Instrumentation, process automation



Engineering development and service provider in the automotive industry



Powertrain and vehicle engineering

Fujitsu Computers Technology Solutions GmbH


Software development and mobile technology



Transmission development, transmission control and modelling, transmission testing, vehicle testing and measuring equipment as well automation systems

iSyst Intelligente Systeme GmbH





Automotive supplier

MT Aerospace


Antennas, mechatronics, space and aeronautics

Lindenfarb Textilveredlung Julius Probst GmbH & Co. KG



Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd. and Co KG


Aircraft engines


Berching (Neumarkt)

Advanced electrical drive solutions



Power electronics

Siemens AG

Berlin and Muelheim

Engineering and electronics in energy, healhcare, industry and infrastructure and cities



Self-adhesive products and systems



Automotive manufacturer

ZIM Flugsitz


Passenger seats for commercial aircrafts

Company City Specialisation



Construction, crop protection, paper, performance chemicals, petrochemicals
Company City Specialisation



Power generation, power transmission and rail infrastructure
Company City Specialisation

MAHLE Powertrain  


Powertrain solutions



Gas turbine

Company City Specialisation



Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system

Siemens Energy Inc.


Energy technology supplier

How much will it cost?

All RIIERP placements are paid, students are paid living allowances, the amount of which varies from company to company.

You will need to be able to cover the cost of your international travel, as well as international work-related costs such as visa, work permit and travel insurance.

How do I apply?

Step 1 Research our industry partners (use the links above), their line of business, and projects being carried out.

Step 2 Write a professional cover letter and comprehensive resume.

Step 3 Submit your online application before the July deadline.

Step 4 Attend an RMIT RIIERP selection panel interview.

Step 5 The selection panel will determine your suitability for available placements based on your academic performance (60%) and your interview (40%). If you meet company criteria the panel will recommend you to suitable partners.

Step 6 Company interview; some companies request to interview candidates directly.

Step 7  If successful, you will be notified and the RIIERP office will work with you to obtain the necessary travel documents and insurance. Please note that in all cases the final decision on the offer of an internship lies with the partner company.

Step 8 Attend a GEO ‘Pre-departure Symposium’.

Step 9 Your global adventure begins!

Important dates

Applications for placements beginning in 2019 are now open. Apply before 15 May 2018.

Interviews will take place in June 2018.