Future Ready

Future Ready is the RMIT campaign providing final year students with a suite of events and workshops to increase their employability and get a job in your industry after you finish your degree.

Get involved so you can transition from student to graduate armed with the tools to succeed in life and work.

Got the knowledge? Get the career, whatever it may be!

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CareerHub is a is RMIT’s own employment website targeted at students and recent graduates. It’s a great way to search for vacancies and see who’s currently hiring. You can also use our global job search tool to look for roles in over 50 countries.

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Once you’ve found a job you want to apply for, then the real work begins. It’s important to make sure you have an effective resume and know how to showcase your skills and abilities should you progress to an interview.

Build the perfect resume

Your resume is your most important tool when applying for a job. A great resume paired with a effective cover letter will open more doors than you think. But there’s an art to writing a compelling resume and it’s important to master it.

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Performing on the day

While a great application may get you in the door, it’s how you perform in an interview setting that often determines your chances of getting the job. Use our interview simulator to practise answering key questions, or watch videos interview tips from employers.

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Mastering the elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is an introductory summary about you and your goals. It is one of the most effective methods to promote yourself to potential employers, whether it’s during an interview or at networking and alumni events.

You can use RMIT’s Elevator Pitch Builder to create your own pitch, so next time someone asks, “What do you do?” you’ll be ready to make them take notice.

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Does your career need a health check?

Students graduating in 2017 are eligible for a 1:1 intensive workshop covering job search tactics, resume and cover letter writing skills and short and long-term career planning. Book a free Careers Health Check today.

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Turn an idea into a reality.

Freelance and portfolio work

Making freelance work a part of your career can lead to rewarding outcomes. It also lets you develop a diverse set of skills that will equip you for success now and into the future.

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Entrepreneurial skills are vital in today’s changing world of work.

RMIT Activator

That’s why we’ve created RMIT Launchpad, an online community for student and alumni entrepreneurs.

Through RMIT Launchpad you can find resources to help you establish your own thriving business, access information about events and shop for a range of products and services offered by RMIT students and alumni.

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Did you know?

All current and former RMIT students can access a range of entrepreneurial initiatives through the University, including:

  • Industry networking, connections and mentoring through eLab and our Fastrack Innovation Program
  • Start-up funding via our New Enterprise Investment Fund
  • Complimentary advice from our Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Access to The RMIT Accelerator and Incubator (launching October 2016)
  • A retail space to sell products through the RMIT Pop-up Shop

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Helping fund start-ups

Unique in Australia, RMIT's New Eenterprise Investment Fund is all about helping our students create real business opportunity. Through our interest free loans, students launch their businesses and learn on the job entrepreneurial skills.

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The RMIT International Student Careers Portal helps you search for job opportunities that match your citizenship and work rights in countries such as China, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, UAE, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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The Job Shop is your drop-in service centre for all things career related, including:

  • career consultations
  • job skills workshops
  • networking sessions
  • careers events
  • resume tips

help with using our online resources and finding what you need.

Whatever your question, come and meet with one of our friendly Peer Career Assistants. No appointment necessary.

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