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About Mates at RMIT

Mates at RMIT is a social peer-mentoring program that provides an opportunity for new students (international, local, rural/regional and interstate) to connect with current students.

It’s a great way to settle in to Melbourne and RMIT in your first semester.

What can a mentor do for me?

Mentors know from personal experience what it is like to be a new student.

They are friendly, helpful, approachable current students that are available to you for support.

A mentor is able to take out the stress of being new to RMIT and Melbourne. They will:

  • give you guidance with studying at RMIT and living in Melbourne throughout the start of semester
  • help build your confidence
  • help you get involved in social and cultural activities
  • put you in contact with services that can give you advice on achieving academic success.

What should I expect from the Mates at RMIT program?

When joining the program, you should expect:

  • an introductory email from your mentor
  • guidance from your mentor to help you with getting to know RMIT and living in Melbourne
  • social activities and events planned by the Mates at RMIT team leaders (which is a great opportunity to meet other new students).

Mates at RMIT offers activities and events for you to join. You are expected to pay for activities that incur a cost (such as food and cost of tickets); we will let you know ahead of time what these costs are.

What are the expectations of me as a mentee?

Our Mates mentors put in a lot of effort and assistance but you will get the most from the experience if you participate too.

We recommend that you do the following:

  • communicate with your mentor, and respond to their introductory email
  • ask questions and join in with activities.

How can I sign up?

To sign up as a mentee, all you need to do is register online:

Register for Mates at RMIT.

Further information

Please advise Mates at RMIT at any stage of the program if you:

  • want to be allocated another mentor
  • are not receiving any email contact from your mentor
  • wish to withdraw from the program.


Email the Mates at RMIT team with any questions: