What is the Redbacks Community?

If you're part of RMIT, you're a Redback.
The Redbacks spirit connects our amazing community through sports, creative, experiences, networks and events.  
The best way to get the most out of being a Redback is to get involved in the amazing opportunities on offer. The Redbacks community prides itself on being inclusive and ensures you get genuine value from being involved.
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Redbacks in the community

This is where we highlight our Redbacks Community of students, staff and alumni, doing something of interest in the community. 
It's our way to give a quick shoutout and share the bredth of who we are and what we represent.
Know a Redback story that should be told? We can be contacted at redbacks@rmit.edu.au or connect with us on social media;
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The best way to get the most out of the Redbacks community is to get involved! RMIT prides itself on inclusive, accessible activities and programs so everyone feels welcome no matter if it’s your first time joining in or you’re a seasoned pro.

You may like to start with our free social sport and events, or join one of our 40+ clubs and collectives.

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