Practical skills and approaches for a better mentoring partnership

There’s no better authority on an industry than someone who’s navigated it for decades. Finding a skilled mentor in your chosen field can be extremely useful – and the knowledge, experience and contacts they’ve acquired can give an invaluable boost to your career.

But finding a mentorship is only half the battle: knowing how to capitalise on your mentoring relationship can make all the difference, helping you establishing a constructive and beneficial partnership rather than having things end in frustration.

This credential gives you the practical skills and knowledge to properly handle a mentoring relationship. You’ll learn how to manage a mentor partnership, what your mentor is likely to expect from you, and how to get the most out of the experience – from knowledge and industry insights to professional contacts. 

This Credential earns you a progress badge which can go towards achieving a digital badge.

Assessment and activities include:

  • An activity: Why do you want a mentor?
  • An activity: Identify the right mentor
  • An activity: Request email for mentorship
  • An activity: Your mentorship plan
  • Final Assessment quiz
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