Connecting with online communities to share, build and sustain meaningful content

With the rise of the internet the way you present yourself in online platforms is just as important as your face-to-face interactions. This includes participating online to connect with communities that share, build and sustain meaningful content.

To be fully digitally literate, you will not only be a capable, confident consumer of information and technology, but you will also become an active participant as a producer of content. 

With today's workplace harnessing technology as a powerful tool for collaboration and communication, employees who are effective with this fundamental digital literacy skill, are valued by employers.

By undertaking this credential, you will learn to connect with online communities using a range of online tools, practising codes of conduct while participating in online forums, engaging professionally and respectfully and applying netiquette during all communications.

This credential earns you a digital badge.


Participating in this online program includes quizzes, reflective pieces and peer reviewed assessment assessed via a rubric.