Develop self-awareness, investigate and understand the connection between self-awareness and effective leadership.
Self-awareness is critical to effective leadership and a foundation to developing other leadership skills.

Become a better leader by understanding the connection between self-awareness and effective leadership. In this badge, we’ll show you how leaders with high self-awareness are able to better lead and manage the people around them. We’ll also show you how self-awareness can help you to improve your workplace interactions and performance. Identifying your personal values and strengths, and understanding where you need to develop is an essential part of this credential.

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This Credential earns you a digital badge.


Successful completion of this badge will require you to:

  • Identify character strengths
  • Review your values
  • Evaluate your ability to see things from another's perspective
  • Record a video  or submit a document reflecting on self-awareness in a mock-interview scenario.