A list of frequently asked questions.  

RMIT Creds is a new and innovative suite of Credentials to help you develop skills and experiences for your future life and work.

Each Credential earns you either a digital badge or progress badge.

Digital badges are an online representation of a capability or skill you have earned and which can be validated, recognised and shared on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

RMIT has partnered with industry leader Credly, to provide a digitally-enabled platform for creating, issuing and managing digital badges on social platforms. 

Progress badges are awarded upon the successful completion of an introductory credential and is in the form of a Certificate of Achievement which can be downloaded as a PDF document.

Progress badges earned can go towards achieving a digital badge. 

RMIT is working with key industry partners to co-create Credentials that are recognised and valued by employers.

RMIT Credentials will help you build your own professional capabilities and personal skills for your future work and life.

Credentials will:

  • provide you with skills and capabilities valued and recognised by employers
  • show future employers your own set of 'soft' skills and experiences
  • help you stand out from the crowd
  • increase your employability potential
  • enhance your student experience with free, online and fun learning activities
  • receive a digital or progress badge which can be shared. 

By undertaking a Credential you will gain valuable skills which have been developed in direct alignment with RMIT's graduate capabilities.

These capabilities are: Collaboration, Communication, Community Engagement, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Enterprise Ready, Global Outlook, Innovation, Leadership, Sustainability and Work Ready.

These are highly valued and recognised by employers. 

No, RMIT Credentials are complementary programs so you will not get academic credit towards your degree program. You will get skills and experiences that are valued by employers. 

Each RMIT Credential varies in the time required to complete - from 30 minutes to several weeks depending on the learning and assessment requirements.

You can register to undertake Credentials at any time while you are studying at RMIT. If you are completing Credentials in your final year, you will need to complete the Credential by 15 October, or 30 May if you are graduating mid-year.  This gives the team time to ensure you receive recognition for your participation.

Credentials which earn a digital badge will be recognised on your academic transcript at graduation. 

You can manage your progress online at your own pace, via your Dashboard on the RMIT LMS Canvas. 

To register for RMIT Credentials:

  1. Click on the Credential badge you’re interested in to find out more.
  2. Click the Register button to go to the RMIT Central Authentication Service to enter your Student ID and Password and enter Enrolment Online (EOL).
  3. Choose start date, (if applicable), read through the information and click 'I agree' if you wish to proceed.
  4. When registered, click on the Canvas hyperlink in EOL to get started. Your registered credentials will appear on your Canvas dashboard.

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