SSCCs discuss program-related issues, such as:

  • course and program structure
  • teaching methods
  • timetabling
  • workload
  • access to resources and facilities
  • class sizes.

SSCCs do not deal with complaints or grievances about staff or students, and student rights issues (such as appeals) which have separate processes.

Committees normally meet twice a semester with the first meeting during the month after classes start. Additional meetings can be called by students under specific circumstances or by the Chairperson or Head of School.
Student representatives are the voice of the student body in their study program. They consult with their peers to find out what program-related issues are of concern to them and present those issues for discussion at SSCC meetings, then provide feedback to the other students on the results of the consultations.

To become a student representative, you must nominate yourself for the role at the start of the year. Your School will hold an election if there are more nominations than places on the committee. All students in your study program can vote.

Nomination form (PDF 1p, 157Kb)

For Business students, visit the College of Business Student Representatives site. You can register your interest to become a student representative and view past meeting minutes here. 

As a student representative you get the opportunity to make a difference by improving the learning experience for students. As part of this process you will develop valuable relationship management and leadership skills for your future career.

As a student representative you can also attend a free, three-hour interactive training session.

At the session you will receive an SSCC Manual (PDF 484kb 24p). When you have completed the training and the required number of hours of active participation in your committee recorded on an Activity Record Sheet (PDF 108kb 2p), you become eligible for an LEAD certificate signed by the Vice-Chancellor.

As an SSCC Student Representative, you can attend a free, comprehensive training session by RMIT LEAD. Training is held at the start of Semester 1 and Semester 2 and when training is available you can book in via CareerHub.

The training is a free three-hour session designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge you will need to fulfill your role as a SSCC representative and expand your employability skills.

Find LEAD accredited volunteering opportunities

To complete the required training please watch the video below and complete the SSCC quiz. Once you have received a satisfactory score (6/7) you will complete the training requirement for LEAD accreditation. If you have any questions, please email 

(Follow this link if you have any problems seeing the video.)