If you join a LEAD accredited program you are required to volunteer for a minimum of 15 hours and complete five hours of training. Students who complete the minimum volunteering commitment and training receive a LEAD Certificate signed by the Vice-Chancellor and recognition of their contribution on their academic transcript.

Successful completion of LEAD programs can be counted towards the Future Edge program. Future Edge is a new University wide employability program that gives you recognition for on and off campus co-curricular activities and helps you build key employability skills.

Visit the Future Edge website to find out more about how to get involved.

College of Business




Student Learning Advisor Mentors (SLAMs)

SLAMs is about students helping other students to achieve.  SLAMs are volunteer students who have received a High Distinction or Distinction in any of the relevant Business courses.  Mentors offer two hours per week during the semester from weeks 4 to 11. SLAMs support students with their academic studies in RMIT’s College of Business.

Lila Kemlo
Sarah George 
Business IT and Logistics HDR Mentoring Program PhD students volunteer as academic mentors to assist newly commencing HDR candidates to connect with their peers and succeed at their study. In order to be eligible, you must have successfully completed your Confirmation of Candidature and be no further than the last six months of your candidature/submission date. Konrad Peszynski

College of Design and Social Context




Chinese languages

Chinese native speaking RMIT students mentor students doing advanced/intensive Chinese language courses to extend their listening and speaking skills

Xiaowen Fan

French Language

Intermediate and advanced students in French language classes mentor new students each week, assisting with specific language or study-related difficulties.

Julian Chartier



Japanese Language

Advanced Japanese language students assist new students academically and build their confidence and motivation.

Emma Dalton


Spanish Language

Students in Spanish level 3 and 5 assist beginning students with study-related problems, working in small groups or on a one-to-one basis.

Anamaria Ducasse 

Property, Construction and Project Management 

Connects new international students with current students who volunteer as peer mentors. LEAD trained peer mentors assist with transition into RMIT, the School and to life in Melbourne and provide academic mentoring support through drop in sessions and buddy support. This program also helps local and international students to build peer relationships through a range of social activities such as cooking, dinners, bowling, and BBQ's.

Dallas Wingrove

CertIV Education Support 

Mentors support students to be engaged with their academic work.

Lorraine Rodrigues

College of Science, Engineering and Health




Building and Construction

Building and Construction students mentor students through tutorial and group-based learning to assist their studies.


CSIT (Computer Science and IT) 




Experienced students mentor other students in the Computer Science and Information Technology stream, assisting them with study problems in those courses.

CSIT mentors provide one-on-one and small group support to students.

Craig Hamilton

CIE-MAPS Civil Engineering Peer Mentoring

Senior Civil Engineering students work as peer mentors to first year students during tutorial classes in CIVE 1187 Statics.

Jie Li

Medical Radiations

Aims to support first year students in their transition to university and the clinical workplace, and provide third year students with additional leadership skills development opportunities in their final year of the program

Mary-Ann Carmichael

MADS Mentoring Associate Degree Students 

Students in senior years of Engineering degrees mentor Associate Degree students through tutorial and group-based learning to assist their transition to university level study.

Jeremiah Naidu
EEET2276 Electrical Principles
EEET2277 Computer Application

Ahmet Ertuncay ahmet.ertuncay@rmit.edu.au

MANU2112 Engineering Science
CIVE1205 Structural Analysis

Ejanul Haque

MATH2167 Mathematics 1



Experienced third and fourth year students assisting their peers to develop strong written, communication, and interpersonal skills. Also providing support with classroom material and preparation for clinical placement.  

Mentors will provide one-on-one support to students, allowing them to strengthen their leadership skills and consolidate their clinical knowledge.

Kathy Nguyen

Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine mentoring program has been established since 2007. The purpose of running this program is to:

  1. enhance students' learning experiences
  2. help and improve students' learning and problem solving skills
  3. help students to build their confidence in their learning
  4. developing networks and making new friends
  5. develop mentor's leadership skills
  6. provide opportunities to explore new career.
Lin Dong

Medical Laboratory

High achieving later-year students of Laboratory Medicine provide drop-in mentoring and study assistance to new students in this academic program to assist their transition from secondary to tertiary study.

Genia Burchall

East Eng

East Eng Mentor Program utilises the skills and knowledge of final year students to provide academic mentoring and transitional advice and referral to the students in large core Courses in 3rd year Engineering on the East Bundoora campus.

Adrian Orifici






General Committees

General committees of RMIT cover a range of non-program specific committees on which student representatives act on behalf of the students.


Student-Staff Consultative Committees (SSCC) In all schools across RMIT, student representatives provide feedback to staff on their academic programs to ensure high quality teaching and learning. Student representatives are elected by others in their study program and consult with their peers and attend at least four meetings with staff during the year. Training is provided through LEAD. sscc@rmit.edu.au 
+61 3 9925 5188

College of Science, Engineering and Health Academic Committee Representatives

The structure of College of Science, Engineering and Health committees are under review for 2016. Information about future opportunities for membership on College academic committees and for RMIT LEAD recognition will be published once this review is complete.

SEH Secretariat
+61 3 9925 9508

Student Experience Advisory Committee

An advisory committee headed by the Dean of Students comprising staff and elected students. The committee provides advice on the overall student experience at RMIT and priorities for action.

Faye Thomas


Student ambassadors program




Student Ambassadors Program

Be the student face of RMIT! In this volunteer program students develop their confidence and communication skills through leading campus tours. They also play an interactive and communicative role in major RMIT events such as Orientation and Open Day, as well as at smaller initiatives throughout the year.

Jordan Smale
+61 3 9925 5188

College of Business Student Ambassadors Program

Become the student face and create a voice for the College of Business! Students will have the opportunity to volunteer by leading small campus tours, helping and supporting students and assisting the Student Enrichment Services team at various student events throughout the year to promote exciting opportunities to students.

Business Enrichment Team 

Global Experience Ambassador Program

Help new inbound and outbound students on their Global Experience journey! Open to students who have returned from a Global Experience Program, this program aims to help new inbound and outbound students get ready for their adventure. Improving their communication and leadership skills Ambassadors fill key roles during events such as Orientation, Information sessions and other Global Experience events.

Global Experience Team

Sustainability Ambassadors Program

Sustainability Ambassadors will raise awareness of sustainability and the role of the Sustainability Committee at RMIT, develop student interest and build capacity for sustainability on campus and enhance skills in teamwork, project planning and implementation, communication and leadership. The program is open to all students and not just those studying sustainability.

Sustainability Team

Pathways Ambassadors Program Offer assistance to the Student Experience team during Orientation and at Pathways Student Club events. Ambassadors will help welcome new International students, provide input into our social activities schedule and promote events when necessary.  

Matt Cox



Student mentoring programs




Mates at RMIT

Connects new students (international, rural/regional and interstate) with current students to assist with settling in Melbourne and RMIT.

Clare Ong
+61 3 9925 5000



Student peer support




The Compass Project

The Compass Project aims to support the welfare needs of RMIT students by providing friendly peer-to-peer assistance. Support is available through a drop-in space, as well as via regular outreach activities across all campuses. Volunteers studying social work, psychology or youth work provide the service and are presented with an opportunity to practise in their field of study.

Thea Lamaro
+61 3 9925 2785

RUSU Student Rights Volunteers

Student representatives act as members of appeal hearing panels to ensure the best interests of student appellants are upheld.

Ganesh Sundaramurthy
+61 3 9925 2473


Event and recreation volunteering




RASCAL: RUSU Affiliated Student Clubs Accredited Leadership

Every RUSU Student Club is coordinated by a smaller group of dedicated, enthusiastic and highly capable annually elected Executive members. The RASCAL Program offers RUSU Club Executives formal University recognition and access to additional training and development opportunities.

Brunswick and Bundoora Clubs: Candice Worsteling 

City Clubs: Jacqueline Out 

RUSU Communications Collective

Student volunteers undertake a communications role to support the work of RUSU in promoting student welfare and life on campus. The Communications Collective develops promotional materials, online and social media content to support RUSU's programs and attend RUSU Activities and Events as photographers and videographers.

Claudia Lang


RMIT Creative Council    

Student volunteers undertake roles as arts and culture collectives, members of the RMIT Creative Council and the creative funding assessment panel.    

Lynda Roberts
+61 3 9925 0490


RMIT Link Sport and Recreation Volunteers

Student volunteers undertake roles as sporting club organisers, sports team managers and trainers, and as leaders for student trips and tours.

Jack Arnold
+61 3 9925 9757

Student Life Volunteers

Volunteer members of RMIT Student Union (RUSU) organise events on campus for the student community.

Claudia Lang 
+61 3 9925 3083

Student associations





AIESEC is an international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential to have a positive impact on society. Committee members carry out a range of roles in organising RMIT AIESEC activities.

Stephanie Lam 

Golden Key International Honour Society (RMIT Chapter Committee)

Nominated committee members work within the Golden Key RMIT team on activities, events and promotions.

Royston McGavin


Academic outreach with secondary school students





In2science places RMIT students studying in science, engineering and health into high schools as peer mentors. Over 10 weekly visits per semester mentors build meaningful relationships with secondary students and their teachers in science and mathematics classes. Mentors help to engage students in these disciplines and inspire them to pursue STEM studies at school and beyond. More information and apply here.

Claire Farrugia


RMIT Regional STEM
Road Show

Head out on the road for a week with a team of enthusiastic RMIT science, engineering and health students to visit primary and secondary schools in rural Victoria. Develop your science communication skills by delivering science shows and engaging workshops by day, and enjoy (RMIT funded) pub meals by night. Roadshow runs after semester 2. For more information email Claire Farrugia.

Time commitment: training, plus week-long trip.

Claire Farrugia


The Science Experience

Every January, year 10 students come on campus for three days and experience university life first hand by attending lectures and practical sessions as part of The Science Experience. Be a part of facilitating interaction between a team of students and encourage enthusiasm around their time on campus.

Claire Farrugia

VCE Physical Education Enhancement

Community involvement with secondary schools in which final year students in the Discipline of Exercise Sciences give presentations to Year 12 students and involve them in practical activities using the latest technologies.

Amanda Benson
+ 61 3 9925 7677

Year 7-10 Connections

Final year Discipline of Exercise Sciences students plan and deliver half-day programs (both in-school and at RMIT) providing information to Year 7 to10 secondary students about Physical Education and Exercise and Sport Science studies.

Amanda Benson
+ 61 3 9925 7677


Academic program event volunteering




SECE Student Branch

Student volunteers in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering are involved in a range of activities to foster a sense of student community in the School.