Currency exchange

You can change your money at all banks during working hours. Currency exchange is also available at American Express and Travelex outlets at the airport and throughout the city.


There are always costs associated with moving to a new city. Find out how much you can expect to pay to set up and live in Melbourne.

Opening a bank account and transferring money

Opening an Australian bank account is a good way to avoid transaction fees, charges and exchange rate costs, especially for international students having money sent to you from overseas.


Tax file number

If you intend on living in Australia for more than six months or earning money or interest from your bank account, you must obtain a Tax File Number (TFN).

To apply for a TFN, refer to the Australian Taxation Office. Once you obtain your TFN, advise your Australian bank to ensure that you are not taxed at the maximum rate

Paying your tuition fees

You would have paid a deposit when you accepted your place. The remainder of your tuition fee is paid after enrolment. Each semester, we will mail you a tax invoice for tuition fees and other charges, which must be paid by the due date on your invoice. Tuition fees are charged per semester not per course. They remain the same whether you are enrolled in 36 or 48 credit points.

Financial assistance

Learn about RMIT student loans and what's available at RMIT for financial emergencies.


Make an appointment with a Student Support Advisor at RMIT Connect to talk through any money questions you may have.