Trams, trains, buses

Our top tip for using trams, trains, and buses in Melbourne is to get familiar with Myki - the reusable travelcard. You will need one of these before you can use trams, trains, and buses in the city.

General tips

Late night public transport

The Night Network provides a safe and inexpensive alternative for late night travel on weekends and are free if you have a valid Metcard or Myki.

Buses travel between the city and Melbourne's outer suburbs every half an hour after 1:30am. You can request to hop off anywhere along the route, as long as it's safe for the bus to stop. The buses have an on-board phone that can be used to call a cab or someone to pick you up from your stop.

Find out more about the Night Network


Melbourne taxis are generally painted yellow and drivers are required to wear a uniform and have an identity card on show at all times. You can hail a taxi in the street or pick one up from one of the many designated taxi ranks.

Driving in Australia

Australia has very strict driving laws which if broken can result in severe fines and potential jail term. Travel is on the left side of the road.

While driving, make sure you never use your mobile phone, never be under the influence of alcohol and and drugs, and always wear a seat belt. Find out more about driving in Australia.

Route planners and apps

  • Public Transport Victoria provides a route planner and general information about travelling across Melbourne's public transport network.
  • Tramtracker provides real-time tram arrival information, app available.