Fees for government subsidised places are subsidised by the Victorian Government, with the remainder payable by you or your employer.

After speaking with your employer you may wish to apply for a sponsorship, which means they will pay the remainder of your fees.

Refer to the terms and conditions below

When to apply

You must apply when you first enrol, or immediately after enrolment.

You must then re-apply each year during the enrolment period.

How to apply

Applying for a sponsorship is a two-step process.

After you register in Enrolment Online you will be presented with a link to the hard copy Apprentice/trainee sponsorship application. Print the application, then complete and submit it by the deadline specified in Enrolment Online.

  • You and your employer must both complete and sign the application.
  • You and your employer must each retain a copy of your completed signed application.

Submit your completed signed application to RMIT University:

  • by email to: sponsorship.applications@rmit.edu.au, or
  • by post to:

Student Sponsors
Financial Services Group
RMIT University
GPO Box 2476
VIC 3001

If you do not complete and submit your application by the deadline specified in Enrolment Online, you will be responsible for all fees and charges.

You are not eligible for sponsorship if you have any outstanding fees.

After you apply

If RMIT approves your application, RMIT will send your employer a tax invoice outlining fees and charges to be paid via their nominated mailing or email address.

All fees and charges must be paid by the due date stated on the invoice.

Any delay in payment of these charges may result in a late payment fee being charged and the student’s enrolment may be cancelled.

Applications that are fully and accurately completed are normally processed within 5 working days.

RMIT will contact you and your employer if your application is not approved.

More information

Contact RMIT Connect.

Terms and conditions for sponsored students


To become and remain a sponsored student you must be an apprentice or trainee and provide a signed Apprentice/trainee sponsorship application each calendar year.

If you do not submit a completed Apprentice/trainee sponsorship application by the due date of the first tax invoice you will, as an enrolled student, be liable for fees incurred.

In the event that your sponsor’s application is not accepted, you will remain enrolled and will continue to be personally responsible for any fees and charges.


An agreed sponsor will be liable for the debt incurred for the new sponsorship period indicated on the Apprentice/trainee sponsorship application. A new signed Apprentice/trainee sponsorship application must be completed each calendar year.

All fees and charges must be paid by the sponsor by the original due date stated on the tax invoice. Any delay in payment of these charges may result in the imposition of a late payment fee.

Having signed the Apprentice/trainee sponsorship application, a company shall remain liable for fees invoiced by RMIT for that enrolment, even if:

  • the student’s employment with the sponsor is terminated
  • the student cancels their enrolment with RMIT
  • the student fails to satisfy the assessment criteria of the RMIT program.

See Fees, including materials and the student services and amenities fee.


On receipt of a completed Apprentice/trainee sponsorship application, RMIT maintains the right to perform any appropriate data validation and credit worthiness checks prior to accepting the application of sponsorship.

RMIT reserves the right to make a decision on the application of any company wishing to become a sponsor based on information provided via the above processes.

Where a sponsorship application is not accepted, the student will remain enrolled and be advised that they continue to be personally responsible for any charges.

Apprenticeship/Traineeship enrolment administrator

Advice will be provided to apprentices and trainees and employers regarding the terms and conditions for sponsored students.