When you're moving to a different city (or even a different country!) to start university, there's lots to learn, discover and adapt to. In the New To Melbourne podcast, RMIT students who've moved from overseas or interstate share their stories, advice and tips on how to settle in to Melbourne and make the most of your time at RMIT.

In each 15-minute episode you'll hear from real students sharing their real experiences, plus learn about handy free services and supports to help you as you move to Melbourne and start your studies.


The New To Melbourne podcast series is a production between RMIT University and SYN Media.



Episode 1: Before you arrive

Episode 2: Accommodation

Episode 3: First weeks of university

Episode 4: Making connections and getting involved

Episode 5: Students services and support

Episode 6: Jobs and career goals


Production credits

Contributors: Xiangyi Xu, Mingdi Li, Muhammad Raffa Athallah Pratama, Akshay Jose, Stanley Wei Yang Teh, Nabs Adnan, Bang Mach, Ayu Sekarlangit Mokoginta and Vignesh Gopalakrishnan 

Executive Producers: Rebecca Maakasa (SYN Media) and Hart Ely-Faulks (RMIT Students group) 

Series Voiceover: Brooke Hutchinson and Kevin Karongo

Series Editor: Rebecca Maakasa


For more information on this project, please contact Hart Ely-Faulks - hart.ely-faulks@rmit.edu.au.