Course guides and assessments

Course guides describe the academic requirements for your course. They contain information such as lecturer/teacher contact details, course description, assessment requirements, teaching schedule, resources and learning outcomes.

Study resources

Learn about study expectations, meet other students and get tips on how to do well at your studies.

  • Study and Learning Centre 
    Drop in for free learning support.
  • Study KnowHow workshops 
    Free workshops to help you build skills and confidence.
  • Learning Lab 
    Online resources to help you improve your general academic study, writing and maths, statistics, physics and chemistry skills.
  • Ask for assignment feedback 
    Receive online feedback on your assignment within 24 hours (login required).
  • Academic integrity
    Academic Integrity is about honest presentation of your academic work. It means acknowledging the work of others while developing your own insights, knowledge and ideas.

Access assistive technologies and services

If you have a disability, short/long-term illness and/or mental health condition, assistive technologies and services are available to support your study.

  • Reasonable adjustments
    Changes that are made to your study and assessment conditions to ensure that your disability, long-term illness and/or mental health condition does not affect your academic performance.
  • Course materials in other formats
    Access course materials in a format that best meets your needs.
  • Assistive technology
    Get access to assistive software if you are blind, visually impaired or require reading or typing assistance.
  • Equitable Learning Services (ELS)
    Register with ELS to access our services.

For students with a temporary condition, illness and/or injury

  • Special Consideration
    Get an assessment adjustment for unexpected circumstances that are outside your control.

Research students

International students