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*ELS also supports students with a long-term illness and/or mental health condition, and primary carers of a person with disability.

Nervous about starting at RMIT?

It's completely normal to feel nervous about starting a new course - almost everybody does.

Find calm places to go and relax between classes, discover what support is available and who you can to talk to when you don't know anyone. All these things will help you feel welcome and settled at RMIT.

Your mental wellbeing while studying

Your mental wellbeing is important. It impacts your ability to learn and take part in university life. Learn about ways to improve your mental wellbeing and the counselling service at RMIT.

Respectful behaviour

Everyday sexism, and disrespectful comments or behaviour create an unsafe culture that leads to sexual harm. We strongly stand for a safe, respectful culture for everyone. Join our campaign to 'Be the Change'. Speak up if you see disrespect, and know that support is here if you need it.
I commit to standing with my LGBTI friends and creating an environment where we are all accepted and valued.


I commit to calling out unacceptable behaviour, and creating a safe, welcoming environment.


Your safety

We have services available to ensure your safety in Melbourne. Some of our services are:

  • On campus security department
  • Free security walk service
  • Free Bundoora bus service
  • Safezone app

Support for your disability (ELS)

Equitable Learning Services (ELS) are here to ensure that all students are included in all aspects of university life. We provide assistance about anything related to disability that impacts your study.

We work with you and any relevant RMIT staff (such as teachers, lecturers, supervisors) to minimise the impact of your disability, condition or circumstances on your studies.

Who we support

Your condition may include:

  • physical disability
  • vision impairment
  • hearing impairment
  • intellectual disability
  • learning disability
  • neurological condition
  • mental health condition
  • mobility impairment
  • long-term medical illness/condition

You may also be caring for someone with any of these conditions.

What we do

If you request our support, we will meet with you to create your individual learning plan. We share your plan with your teachers and provide ongoing support as needed.

Your learning plan may include:

  • adjustments to your study conditions e.g. more time in exams
  • course materials in other formats
  • enabling assistance staff
  • assistive technology

Arranging support

To arrange support, you will need to:

  1. be enrolled in a course at RMIT
  2. complete our registration form
  3. be able to provide relevant documentation about your condition from a qualified medical professional
  4. make an appointment to see one of our advisors



Don't be afraid to sign up to the ELS. I spent most of my degree battling on my own with my mental health and caring responsibilities. This year I found the courage to apply and it has meant a huge weight has been lifted off my back. 

Bree | RMIT Student