New Academic Street, Bowen Plaza, Bowen Street, Ellis Court, University Lawn

City campus, 357–377 Russell Street, Melbourne

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19 Jul 2018

11 am - 2 pm

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Welcome to your campus, City higher education students! This is one of the biggest events on the RMIT calendar: Welcome Day. You may know it better as ‘O-week’ or ‘Orientation 2018’, but this is the event for new higher education students at the City campus.

  • Come along and grab some free food, take part in the many activities on offer.
  • Meet new friends and learn more about student life activities, careers, volunteering and services that will help you adjust to university life.
  • Just be sure to enter the event with the barcode you'll receive when you register (printed or on your phone).

Register for City Welcome Day

Register now! Just be sure to enter the event with the barcode you'll receive when you register (printed or on your phone).


Event highlights

Check out this video from last year's event to see what you can expect at City Welcome Day.

Don't miss the following activities:

·    Immerse yourself in a virtual reality demonstration
·    Get up close and personal with some of the incredible native wildlife Australia is home to
·    break a wooden board with your bare hands with the ITF Taekwondo Club
·    Blend your own bike-powered smoothie with Engineers Without Borders
·    Watch students show off their creative side at the dance stage
·    See how fast you can fit a bike tyre with the cycling club.
·    Learn about the services on campus. We’ve got everyone from the Library to the Campus Store exhibiting on the day.

Find out about:

·    the Library (discover how you can win a $500 voucher, with Library Quest)
·    taking your grades to the next level, with the Study and Learning Centre
·    buying RMIT merchandise, at the Campus Store
·    Careers advice: how to make yourself more employable, find work, plan your career
·    global study and work
·    how you can take part in sport: social sport, clubs, representative sport
·    cheap trips and tours throughout Melbourne, a great way to meet new people
·    creative arts programs
·    RMIT Gallery
·    Catalyst magazine
·    RMITV 
·    SYN Media
·    Safer Community / Student Wellbeing and Inclusion
·    creating a start-up, with RMIT Activator
·    find a student study mentor with SLAMs
·    CANVAS, your learning management system
·    RMIT Connect, for any admin questions or student support
·    RMIT University Student Union
·    Ngarara Willim Centre for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
·    accommodation options, including RMIT Village.

Check out offerings from:

·    Medibank
·    Melbourne City Baths
·    Rail Projects Victoria (Melbourne Metro Rail Authority)
·    Victoria Police.

Sign up for a club, one of the best ways to get involved at RMIT and make lifelong friends. Chat to the following clubs on the day:

·    Badminton (play the shuttlecock toss game!)
·    Basketball (play the arcade basketball activity)
·    BJJ
·    Cheerleading (don't miss demonstrations and performances)
·    Cycling (bike tyre fitting competition)
·    Dodgeball
·    eSports - (2v2 gaming demos)
·    Fencing (try on gear and have a go!)
·    Futsal
·    ITF Taekwondo (break a wooden board with your fist!)
·    Kendo
·    Kung Fu
·    Outdoors (don't miss the hangboard challenge)
·    Snow sports
·    Soccer
·    Surfing
·    Tenpin (don't miss pop-up bowling!)
·    Touch football
·    Curatorial: a platform for contemporary art, cultural exchange and dialogue
·    Dance 
·    Funkadelics
·    Music
·    Woodwork (make handmade die and name badges)
·    Aviation Society (check out the simulator and mini-glider building workshop)
·    Business Student Association
·    Civil Engineering Student Association
·    CSIT Society (showcasing student-built ID card scanning)
·    EFMSA
·    Electric Racing (check out the electric racecar!)
·    Engineers Without Borders RMIT (bike-powered smoothies)
·    Human Resource Association
·    MIBSA
·    RESA (play the ball toss game!)
·    RISC (check out the lockpicking demonstrations)
·    RMIT Biosciences Society (microscopes and slides)
·    SASSE (aquaponics setup and t-shirt screen printing)
·    Supply Chain Student Association
·    SWITCH (check out the VR headset)
·    AIESEC in RMIT (play water cup pong!)
·    Bangladeshi Association
·    CSSA
·    Hong Kong Student Association
·    Indian Club
·    Iranian Association
·    Italian society
·    Japan Club (check out Japanese-themed games, the origami workshop and members in traditional dress!)
·    Malaysian Association (RUMA)
·    RMIT Filipino Students Association
·    RUSH
·    ALP (Labor)
·    Greens
·    Socialist Alternative
·    AESA
·    Asian Association (RAA)
·    Automotive Society
·    AYCC RMIT (Youth Climate Coalition)
·    Blockchain Club
·    Fossil Free RMIT
·    Greening RMIT (check out the decomposable planter pots workshop)
·    Property Society
·    Science Fiction and Gaming Association (check out board games, students dressed up in cosplay!)
·    Students for Sensible Drug Policy
·    Vegan Club
·    Christian Union
·    Islamic Society (check out Arabic Calligraphy, see the Henna artist in action, ‘try on a hijab’)
·    Overseas Christian Fellowship RMIT
·    PlanetUNI RMIT
·    RUJSS (Jewish Students Society).

Or browse all clubs at RMIT.

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