RMIT Brunswick campus

Building 516, level 2, room 5

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14 May 2019

3:30 pm - 5 pm

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It's an exciting time to be a fashion designer. Gender-neutral designs and labels have emerged, shattering perceptions of classic male and female  silhouettes and paving the way for exciting, new points of view. On the red carpet, we are seeing fashion expressions blurring and the rise of gender non-conforming style-icons such as Ezra Miller, Janelle Monae, Billy Porter and Cody Fern. 

As society moves towards stamping out sexism, stereotypes and embraces a partisan, non-gender based stance of meritocracy will we finally see the end of gender in fashion expression?

Join RMIT's own fashion branding expert Tony Lee as he hosts a panel with some of Melbourne's top gender-neutral fashion designers. We'll discuss their inspirations, their predictions and their perspectives on why unisex matters. With special guests from Hew Clothing, Jude, ABCH and Goo Life.

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