Richmond, Reservoir and Footscray

City Side Sports

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23 Nov 2020 - 18 Jan 2021

6 pm - 11 pm

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Join other RMIT students and staff and play in a weekly, social sport competition.

About the leagues

Join other RMIT students & staff and play in a weekly, social competition delivered by City Side Sports. 

Volleyball (Mixed) - Reservoir  

Netball (Mixed & Ladies) - Richmond  

Netball (Mixed & Ladies) - Footscray

The summer 2020/2021 season commences on the 23rd November & runs for 10 weeks. There will be a 3-week break over Christmas. 

You will be placed into a team based on the information you provide us. We consider your nights available & venue options. Once placed into a team, that team only plays on the same night each week at the same venue.

Signing up with a friend?

No problem! You will both need to register individually, however in the notes section just place each other's name, and we will get you into a team together.

Get $60 back (50% of your registration fee) if you attend a minimum of 8 matches. 

Richmond (Netball): Monday evening - Mixed Only

Richmond (Netball): Tuesday evening - Ladies & Mixed

Richmond (Netball): Wednesday evening- Ladies & Mixed

Richmond (Netball): Thursday evening- Ladies & Mixed

Footscray (Netball): Monday evening- Ladies & Mixed

Footscray (Netball): Tuesday evening- Ladies & Mixed

Reservoir (Volleyball): Wednesday evening - Mixed only 

Reservoir (Volleyball): Thursday evening - Mixed only 

Reservoir (Volleyball): Thursday evening - Mixed only 

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