01 Oct 2021 - 07 Nov 2021

12 pm - 1 pm

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RMIT Creative have teamed up with some incredibly talented RMIT students to produce some creative wellbeing art projects for the whole RMIT community to enjoy!

Please stay tuned for playable wellbeing games, calming artist zines and soothing content created by students just like you in coming weeks!

We hope these artworks bring you joy! However, the Creative Wellbeing Festival is not designed to provide art therapy, psychology or counselling treatment. If you need support, please visit RMIT Mental wellbeing and counselling.



Creative Wellbeing Festival Schedule

Launch Date: 27 September
Student Artist: Vanessa Kiliari
Artwork: Affirmation Exchange #1: Share an affirmation for an RMIT Student and we will send you an affirmation illustration created and curated especially for you to use as a phone screen saver if you like!
Format: Illustrations (images)

Launch Date: 27 September
Student Artist: Phoebe Thompson
Artwork: Affirmation Exchange #2: Share an affirmation for an RMIT Student and we will send you an affirmation video artwork created and curated especially for you!
Format: Video art (videos)

Launch Date: 11 October
Student Artist: Wipawan 'Peach' Witayathawornwong 
Artwork: Day by Day: A creative wellbeing zine (i.e. a mini artist-made magazine) with exercises and provocations to fill in and complete.
Format: Zine

Download here.

Launch Date: 18 October
Student Artist: Hsiao Wei (Michelle) Chen
Artwork: Life in Progress: A creative wellbeing online playable video game. Gamify your student life with this Life in Progress planner! Check in with your feelings, track your self care, manage your to do list (and your Ta Da List) and unlock joyful animations and affirmation for your progress!
Format: Video Game

Launch Date: 25 October
Student Artist: Olufolakemi Bolarinwa
Artwork: Oruko Yoruba (trans. Yoruba Names): Videos and interactive social media conversations/polls/surveys about the experience of students with non-English names having their names mispronounced - the connection between your name, your self respect and the importance of demonstrating the care and respect to try to pronounce someone's name correctly.
Format: Videos and interactive social media

Launch Date: 1 November
Student Artist: Manav Gadhoke
Artwork: Fessona: An interactive virtual space for students to explore, play and exchange messages of support and connection.
Format: Interactive virtual space


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