Throughout November, develop your skills and earn a variety of RMIT creds through free online programs. 

Join the Global Leadership Programs to earn RMIT creds and develop a range of skills alongside RMIT students from around the world.

You’ll hear from industry leaders from organisations including Amazon, Google, KPMG, IBM, Australian Red Cross, Oxfam, plus many more.

Whether it’s a two-day challenge or a self-paced online module, we have just the right program to take your skills to the next level.

Choose between: 18 – 19 November OR 23 – 27 November

Join us over four afternoons, or two full days, to develop your leadership and problem-solving skills while tackling a challenge facing Melbourne with the help of industry experts.

You’ll be eligible to claim four exclusive RMIT creds when you complete this program.

Self-paced online module starting on 16 November

Develop your Cultural Intelligence, a key skill that employers are looking for right now! This will enable you to better connect, communicate and work with people who are different from you.

You’ll earn the Building Cultural Intelligence RMIT cred when you complete this module.

Self-paced online module starting on 16 November

Deepen your understanding of world issues and plan how you will contribute to advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals in your personal and professional lives.

You’ll earn the Global Citizenship RMIT cred when you complete this module