Staying active, staying connected

Now delivering close to 200 virtual personal training sessions a month, RMIT Staff Fitness and their team of four dedicated trainers, have adapted their offering in the absence of on-site opportunities, to the virtual world, and staff are loving it!

We heard from five RMIT Staff members who are currently engaged in virtual personal training about their experiences;



What RMIT Staff are saying...

"Working out virtually with Zoe has kept me accountable during lockdown. I really look forward to our sessions together. Zoe has made it really easy moving from in person to online training”
- Lindsey Ritchie

"I’ve been training remotely with David. At the beginning of our remote PT sessions, David was very helpful and professional in helping me to assess my set-up and potential exercises for me to carry out at home, using “equipment” that I already owned, e.g. a dining chair! Having the regular appointment in my diary, and access to the targeted support and videos from David, has been very important for my health and wellbeing, and for me to maintain routine and motivation during this unusual year." - Amber Douglas

"I’m loving Online PT for the following reasons:
• The commute is great – I walk downstairs and I’m at the ‘gym’
• Tony is awesome at keeping workouts varied and working innovatively with the ‘equipment’ you have (who knew a training band and broom could work so effectively?). Even if you have no equipment, he can still somehow manage to make you feel the burn.
• I feel so much better after a workout and focussed and ready for the day
The only downside is that somehow Tony can tell when I’m not working as hard as I should be! I have no idea how…."
- Kate Koch

"I have really enjoyed the weekly personal training sessions with Gazel, both in-person and of course now, over Zoom. The flexibility of the sessions are great as I can change the time if something crops up and Gazel has always been so accommodating. Her instructions are clear and she has perfectly tailored the sessions to suit me and the medium of Zoom. I look forward to our weekly sessions." - Felicity Costigan

"Personal training with Tony has kept me sane during Lockdown 1 and continues to do so in Lockdown 2. I know what day it is based on whether or not I see Tony's cheerful face on my Teams app. Training sets me up for the day and puts me in a great mood. It's a fantastic mental break AND changes my view of the laptop screen. I haven't just maintained fitness, but improved through body-weight exercises (100 push ups and counting) as well as ceaseless improvisation of equipment - who knew that a 10kg bag of rice would be so versatile!  Highly recommend the PT at home. It feels like a little slice of life before Covid, except you can keep your activewear on all day." 
- Michelle Aung Thin


RMIT Staff Fitness trainer Zoe Baines operates from home


Meet the trainers

RMIT Staff Fitness our Personal Trainers are renowned for their high level of expertise and commitment to helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals. Personal training is the ideal way to kick start your health and fitness journey, boost your motivation and provide you with support and guidance every step of the way.

Get to know the four RMIT Staff Fitness Personal Trainers:

Gazel Sattar

David Nicolle

Zoe Baines

Tony Huynh

Learn more, or connect with them on RMIT Yammer.



Get Active at Home with RMIT Staff Fitness

Are you keeping active or need a break from sitting in front of the computer?

Relief yourself of the aches and pains of sitting for long periods by engaging with one of our professional and knowledgeable Personal Trainers who are ready to guide you every step of the way via our very successful online remote Personal Training offerings.

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