Get ahead of the game for 2021 and make the most of your summer break - have fun, be productive and prepare for what's next. 

We've programs, activities, and other opportunities to make connections and meet new people; gain experience and boost your employability; or just try something new and socialise.

Choose from the options below and who knows where summer might lead...

1 - Be ready, prep yourself 

This summer, get set for what's next: hone your job application skills, brush up your personal profile and get tips from students who've seen it, done it and smashed it!

2 - Skill up, gain experience

Use this summer to get work-ready and build the skills and experience employers value through these learning activities and programs.

3 - Try something new

Jump out of your comfort zone and try some new and rewarding things to give you memorable and valuable experience, as well as bragging rights over your friends all summer long!

4 - Get involved, join stuff

Join a club, group or program this summer break and indulge your passions, while making friends and networking with those that share your interests and career ambitions.

5 - Stay motivated, have fun

Make the most out of this summer, be you, grow as a person and stay on track.

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