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Access to campus

RMIT Melbourne campuses ­– City, Brunswick and Bundoora – are open to all students and staff with COVIDsafe protocols in place.

All students can come to campus for classes and scheduled activities, as well as to access many of our facilities including the Library and study spaces, gyms, food and retail outlets, gallery spaces, prayer rooms and more so long as they complete mandatory COVIDsafe campus protocols before attending campus. Campuses are open from 7am-7pm, 7 days a week but some areas, such as the Library, labs and workshops, will have shorter opening hours or restricted access. 

Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students can access their research spaces and workspaces as approved. If you are a HDR student, please check your RMIT email for more information.

If you need access to a particular learning or research space, your access will be organised by your program. If you need after-hours access to an area, visit the Campus access page for information and application details.

Access to campus is guided by the latest government advice and our own rigorous COVIDsafe Plan and safety protocols. As a result, plans and timelines may change depending on government restrictions and other factors. We have robust contingency plans in place to limit campus access and deliver learning activities online, should that be required.

Classes in Semester 1 2021

In Semester 1 2021, some classes will be offered face-to-face on campus and others will be online.

Students can find out if their courses have classes on campus, online or both by following the instructions on the Class timetables in 2021 page. Higher education students will be able to enter their preference for an on-campus class or online class by following the standard timetable preferencing process outlined in the Higher education timetabling guide.

COVIDsafe campus protocols for students

In line with our COVIDsafe Plan, all students attending campus must adhere to safety protocols to help keep our community safe. Together we can all do our part to limit the spread on COVID-19.

If you are coming to campus, please read through the protocols carefully so you understand what you need to know and do before you come to campus, when you arrive and while on campus.

Before you come to campus

There are three things you must do before coming to campus:

1. Have an RMIT student card

You must bring your student card to campus or you will not be able to access campus. If you don't have one, you can order a new or replacement card via the link below.

2. Complete the RMIT COVIDSafe 2021 Training Module

An updated COVIDSafe Training Module is now available through Canvas. If you completed the 2020 module, you will need to do the 2021 module to cover updated information. If you've forgotten your login password, you can reset it.

3. Complete a Daily Health Declaration 

Each day before you come to campus, you must complete a new Daily Health Declaration Form to state that you do not have any symptoms that relate to COVID-19, you are not considered a close contact of a positive case and are fit to attend campus. This declaration, once completed, activates your student card access for that day. A new declaration must be completed every day before you attend campus because they become invalid each night at 11.59pm.


Please carry a mask with you at all times when on campus and wear as required – this will be carefully signposted. If you forget or misplace your mask, you can collect a spare mask from Security. If you have a valid medical exemption from wearing a mask, please contact RMIT Student Connect. You will be issued with a card to indicate your exemption.


If you are feeling unwell, DO NOT attend campus – instead, stay home, seek medical advice and consider getting a COVID-19 test. A list for COVID-19 symptoms is available on the Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services website.

When arriving on campus

There are two things you must do when you arrive on campus:

1. Scan your student card at a campus access point each day  

Access points are located at the main entrances to most RMIT buildings. You must scan your card at an access point when you arrive on campus or it won’t be activated to open doors and rooms inside buildings.

Once you have swiped your card at an access point, it will work at scan points in all buildings for that day. If your card doesn’t work when you scan it at an access point, make sure you’ve completed your COVIDSafe Training Module and Daily Health Declaration – your card won’t scan unless you’ve done both things.

2. Connect to the RMIT WiFi 

You must connect to the RMIT WiFi network so information about your location on campus can be collected for the purpose of contact tracing in accordance with government requirements for universities. Personal and location information will be centrally stored, managed in accordance with RMIT's Privacy Statement, and deleted after 28 days.

While on campus

While on campus, you must:

  • If you see a QR code displayed at the entrance to a classroom or space, scan it and provide your details. This is to support contact tracing
  • Follow the directives of COVIDSafe Monitors and Champions
  • Swipe your student card at the entrance to buildings and rooms, even if they are unlocked, for contact tracing purposes
  • Wear a face mask in accordance with current Victorian Government advice and carry a mask at all times. There may be certain rooms or spaces on campus where physical distancing cannot be maintained. Masks are required in these spaces, which will be clearly signposted. If you forget or misplace your mask, you can collect a spare mask from Campus Security.
  • Obey all safety signage, including maximum room capacity limits and building access restrictions
  • Abide by physical distancing requirements
  • Observe good hygiene

Special access

If you need access to a particular learning or research space, your access will be organised by your program. If you need after-hours access to an area, visit the Campus access page for information and application details.

Breach of protocols

If someone breaches any of RMIT’s COVIDSafe protocols, they face potentially serious consequences.

First breach: Formal written warning and coaching on protocols
Second breach: Temporary suspension from campus and requirement to repeat the COVIDSafe Training Module 
Third breach: Executive suspension and Student Conduct Board hearing

If you cannot attend campus

We understand that some students may not be able to attend campus in Semester 1 2021 due to circumstances outside their control, such as ongoing international travel restrictions or legitimate personal circumstances.

Where online classes can be offered, the option will be available for students who cannot attend campus. You can check if your courses have online class options by following the instructions on the Class timetables in 2021 page.

RMIT will make every effort to ensure students who cannot attend campus are able to continue their studies online and will not be disadvantaged. However, in circumstances where a student must complete learning activities on campus to meet course or program requirements, if a student is unable to attend campus at this time, it may result in delays to their progression and program completion. Students will be given the option to complete activities on campus at a future date.

Students can also choose to take a Leave of Absence.

International students seeking to enter Australia

We have heard from many of our international students overseas who are eagerly waiting for the opportunity to come back to Melbourne. We are awaiting advice from the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments on when international students will be able to enter Australia.

RMIT is working closely with the Victorian Government and other Victorian universities on a state-wide approach that will allow international students to enter Victoria. We look forward to welcoming you back and will be in touch when we have more information.

Additional safety measures on campus

We’re working hard to ensure our campuses and facilities are equipped to safely support on-campus activities and prevent the spread of COVID-19. RMIT has developed a COVIDSafe Plan which outlines on-campus safety principles, protocols and actions.

In addition to the student safety protocols listed above, RMIT has implemented many other measures, including:

  • regular deep cleaning of facilities and equipment
  • frequent cleaning of high contact surfaces
  • increased air ventilation 
  • provision of additional personal protective equipment for some activities
  • WiFi-enabled location data collection for contact tracing purposes

In times of increased community transmission of COVID-19 we may introduce additional safety measures such as temperature checks, limiting building or campus access, etc.

Getting to and from campus

Public transport

All RMIT Melbourne campuses are accessible via public transport. In accordance with Victorian Government directives, when travelling on public transport you must wear a face mask at all times, unless you have a lawful reason for not doing so.

Public Transport Victoria COVID-19 information
Public Transport Victoria Journey Planner

Bicycle access

The City campus Bike Hub in Building 51 is available but showers facilities are closed. Bundoora bike cages are available. There are also bike racks available at all campuses.

See Bike facilities at RMIT for more information.

Parking on campus

See Parking at City campusParking at Brunswick campus or Parking at Bundoora campus for more information.

More information

For the latest information about COVID-19 and the University’s response, as well as FAQs, please visit the RMIT coronavirus webpages


We recommend you monitor the Australian Government Department of HealthVictorian Government Department of Health and Human Services and World Health Organisation to stay informed.

For travel and visa information, visit the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs or Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Smart Traveller website.