Grad Week 14-17 December

Join industry leaders, alumni and fellow grads over four days of inspiration, reflection and celebration.

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Alumni Advice

Want to hear about tips and tricks that'll set you apart as you complete your program? Get the inside scoop from newly graduated RMIT alumni!

RMIT Ready Personas

We are with you every step of the way, to graduation & beyond!

Ready to graduate as the whole package? RMIT can help you choose and plan the best moves for you. Explore our personas below to discover your potential and see how you can prepare for your next move.


Industrious and creative, you think outside the box. Your entrepreneurial mindset turns ideas into innovation.

Industry-Ready Professional

You’re confident about moving into the workforce. You articulate your value to employers and know what you want.

Global Leader

You thrive in local and international contexts and use your cultural intelligence to build global networks.


You push knowledge boundaries and pioneer new ways of thinking. Your discoveries enhance our understanding of the world.


You upskill via further study and stay current by enhancing your knowledge and employability.


You value diverse life experiences and you’re flexible when deciding your next steps. You view uncertainty as an adventure.

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